Mixing Kitchen Countertops For Space Look
You’d be amazed to see that on average a modern adult spends about an hour of his day in the kitchen. It may be higher if you are a parent, and the number may reach skies if you are a food enthusiast. Being a foodie, staying away from one’s kitchen becomes a task. If you are willing to enhance your kitchen experience, experimenting can help you to make your kitchen an happier space to spend time and cook. While looking for a change, mixing the countertop materials can be one of the best options to explore. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Experimenting With Kitchen Countertops Space

1. Pay Attention to Patterns

Patters of the kitchen countertops are an important aspect to look upon while making a choice. If one countertop has significant movement and cloud patterns then choosing a low to no movement pattern for the second countertop can be a smart choice. When using contrasting tiles can be attractive at the same time it might not be as elegant and soothing. Therefore, you should focus on making the combination subtle and relaxing to the eyes.

# Super Tip: 

Granite has been a popular countertop choice over the past many years. The Blue Pearl, Ivory Brown, and Emerald Pearl are some of the best granite stones, specifically for the kitchen countertops.

Emerald Pearl HQ Granite

2. Coordinate With Accent Colors

One should think of coordinating countertops with accent colors of their room. The time is apt for you to step back and explore your sense of style. You can coordinate the kitchen countertops with your favorite painting or lights in the space or with the shade of your choice. Using New Kashmir White or Meera White might be an option to look forward to.

# Super Tip:

One of the most important things to remember is that you should design your countertops in a way that remains unaltered and matches the style even if you change the accent colors of your kitchen.

3. Balance Dark With Light 

As said before, while experimenting with the styles, keeping them, in contrast, is a winning step in the game. Remember, there are a variety of ways in which you can give a contrasting look to your kitchen and it always doesn’t need to be black and white. Light kitchen countertops with dark cabinetry and vice versa can work wonders.

# Super Tips:

Spice Black, Thunder White, and Imperial White are some of the best pieces from the leading supplier of granite, Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd. These stones can make your kitchen look splendid and aesthetic. 

Imperial White Granite

4. Create an Accent Piece on Your Island

What could be a better place to showcase your inner designer than your kitchen island. An island is a center of attraction for any kitchen. A kitchen island can be way too splendid and unique but at the same time, it necessarily doesn’t have to be something out of the box. Whatever you choose out of your interest and sense of style is the best for your kitchen.

# Super Tip:

A poorly designed island can ruin the entire look of your kitchen but a well-crafted island can overshadow even a not so well designed kitchen. So, one should take time to consider and reconsider the choices. 

5. Mix Materials

There are times when you might get very confused in picking out one style out of the two best. Well, the good news is that you can engineer both styles of kitchen countertops together. You can find a number of kitchen examples that are aesthetic only because of the use of mixed materials. Well, you can be the next example. 

# Super Tip:

While mixing materials, one must make sure to mix materials that are either similar or look good in contrast. Mixing non-coordinating materials might destroy the entire look. 

Why Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd for Kitchen Countertop Materials

Looking for kitchen countertops and not talking about one of the top marble and granite suppliers, Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd can not happen simultaneously. We have continued to be a famous manufacturer of granite over the years. You can have a look at the large variety of styles and patterns to make a perfect choice.

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