Calibrated Granite Tiles for Living Space.

In a world, with changing demands and technologies granite has continued to stay a popular flooring choice in households. The durability and hardness of the material have allowed calibrated granite tiles to stay in use over time. Additionally, being a sign of luxury, they add up to its worth. 

Many of us have been sticking to the old traditional ways of designing our living space. While looking up for a change, using calibrated granite tiles for doing the make-over of your living room can be one of the mindful ideas to work upon. Other than that natural stone tiles can also contribute in enhancing the look of your outdoor living space, read it in detail through this blog.

Now, before moving forward, have a look at our inspiring collection of granite tiles.

What Makes Calibrated Granite Tiles Special?

A variety of specialties make granite tiles the most used stones in households. A granite flooring can make any room attractive and eye-catchy. Moreover, below mentioned attributes increase the worth of calibrated granite tiles by many folds. 

1. The durability of a lifetime

One can make use of calibrated granite tiles throughout their life without causing any damage to the lifestyle. The tiles always look fresh and newly designed.

2. A top player in aesthetics and luxury

Furniture and decoratives can make a space look good but what adds up to its aesthetics is its walls and flooring. Granite tiles potentially increase the aesthetics of your living space and will make your room look more luxurious.

3. Easy to clean

When maintained on a regular basis, a calibrated granite tile can shine bright with just wet cloth gentle rubbing. 

4. Options to choose from

Granite stone is available in a variety of styles and textures. You can make a choice as per your taste and demands. 

5. Return of investment

One can find easily affordable to highly costly calibrated granite tiles in the market. The quality and durability of these granite slabs give you the best one-time investment returns.  

Reading this far, have made you understand that installing calibrated granite tiles in your space can be an excellent idea. To Know About The Beauty & Functionality Of Large Format Granite Tiles, do read this blog in detail.

The market offers a large variety of granite stones. Some of the top preferred and highest quality granites include Bengal White, Black Galaxy, Colombo Juprana, and Ivory Brown. Each of the types shares some specific characteristics that help in differentiating them from others. Some are mentioned below.

Bengal White Calibrated Tile

Bengal White 

Bengal white granite is one of the most popular granite stones. The best thing is that it is quarried in India. It is an aesthetic combination of tiny streaks of purple and brown colour spread over a plain white background. Being a leading granite supplier, Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd offers the best quality granite stones including the Bengal White graphite stone.

Black Galaxy

Rated 4.5 on the Moh’s Scale, Black Galaxy Granite natural stone is a highly preferred use for making slabs and countertops. These tiles come with a black background with small and shiny golden and white patches.  

Colombo Juprana 

Colombo Juprana granite is one of the most unique calibrated granite tiles. The stone is found in southern parts of India and is famous for its luxurious look and texture. The Colombo Juprana is a stone with fused colours including red, grey, brown, yellow, pink, etc. 

Ivory Brown 

The Ivory Brown granite is a distinctive calibrated granite stone. As the name suggests, the stone is a soothing combination of brown veins along with some dusky pink texture. The use of Ivory Brown graphite stone gives a premium look to your housing.  

Ivory Brown Calibrated Tiles

Choose The Best Calibrated Granite Tiles from Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd

There are many popular myths about granite slabs and floorings including high cost and maintenance issues. Nonetheless, calibrated granite tiles are considered to lose the initial sheen over time. At times when the myths might get true, good quality granite can assure minimum loss. Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd company is one such brand. We are one of the leading granite suppliers and granite exporters from India. And offer a range of low-maintenance and affordable granite slabs and countertops. Over the years, we have proved to be successful in reaching and serving maximum consumers with its services and products. You can contact us for any bulk demand.

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