Leathered Granites for living space are here to create a spark. Leathered granite tiles and slabs are available in a variety of styles in the market. Superior quality leathered granites from Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd give a premium finish to your space. This is what makes it a popular flooring choice today. 

What are Leathered Granites?

Leathered granite is obtained by running the diamond-tipped brushes over the top of granite slabs. This new style is attracting more public attention because of the matte finish that highlights the stone’s natural colors by many folds. 

What Benefits Does Leathered Granite Provide? 

One of the reasons for the popularity of leathered granites is its wide range of benefits. In many cases, leathered granites have more points of advantage that give them an edge over normal or even polished granite.

1. Sense of finish

Leathering gives a smoother finish to the countertop which makes them even more appealing. The experts from Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd also suggest spending a few more pence to get your granite shine for a lifetime as it’s something worth investing in.

2. Smudge- and fingerprint-resistant

You would have noticed a lot of fingerprints and smudges on your old granite countertop. Once leathered, these granite slabs have no to very less imprints which always make them look newly cleaned. 

3. More protective

Leathered granite slabs are a bit more protective for water and liquid spotting. Also, they highly stain resistant as all the pores of the countertop vanish or fill up because of the leathering.

4. Easy to clean

The biggest reason why people abort the idea of using granite is the high maintenance demands. It’s quite an amazement that leathered granites require much lower maintenance. With leathered granites, you just need to explore more decor ideas, leaving the cleaning stress away.

Areas of Application for Leathered Granites

With many pros, there are some additional areas where the leathered granites can particularly be used.

  • Leathered Granites are most commonly and preferably used in Kitchen countertops.
  • Due to its elegant and natural look nowadays it is also being used in decorating house spaces like bedrooms and drawing rooms. Using it on the floor, ceiling and even accent walls is the new trend among designers to give a classy look to interior designs.
  • Being easy to maintain, these granites can be used in vanity tops, areas around the washbasins, and bathrooms.
  • Not only indoors but the leathered granites can be seen in the outdoor areas of your house. 
  • Nowadays these granites are also widely used in making tabletops and fireplaces. 

Popular Stones With Leather Finish

The wide variety of finishes makes shopping for leathered granite more interesting. Some of the popular finishes are readily available at the Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd store. 

1. Matrix Leather Granite

This granite has a volcanic lava-like appearance which differentiates it from others. Matrix leather granite comes in grey background with subtle veins which give it a wavy finish.

Matrix Leathered Granite Finish

2. Bengal Black Granite

Black is one of the most preferred colors in flooring. The Bengal black granite comes with tiny dots embedded in a dark black background giving a deep meaningful look to your space.

3. Emerald Pearl HQ Granite

It is an eyecatching leathered granite with green, silver, and white flecks. The flecks have a chip-like design that looks attractive over a deep green background. Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is famous for offering quality emerald pearl HQ granite

4. Bengal White Granite

This beautifully carved granite is quarried from India. It has structurally designed patches over a white background. Additionally, it has high stain and water-resistant properties. 

What Are the Other Finish Options You Can Have?

The product line of Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd doesn’t stop here. One can check out various other granites like Amba White, Bianco Typhoon, and Blue Pearl. Along with stunning-looking granites, Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd also offers a number of finishes like honed granite finish, flamed granite finish, caressed granite, and brushed granite finish that can help you to amp up your space. You can know more about Different Granite Finishes in this detailed blog and know which one is best for your project. Explore various finishes and choose the best from Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd. Open for any bulk orders!

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