Natural stone has been used for centuries and over the years it has become popular among architects. In the past, it was only used in the kitchen and restrooms due to its durability. However, with recent advances in technology, it can be used in other areas for different applications.

Natural stone adds charm and elegance to your space. The trick is to find the right material that fits your design style. There are a wealth of natural stone suppliers in the market. But you need to carry out proper research to choose only the authentic supplier that offers superior quality.

Each natural stone has properties that stand out for different applications. For instance, granite slabs/tiles are the hardest and are known to resist stains and other elements. Marble slabs/tiles blend well in a classical design space. 

MMGL is one of the leading natural stone suppliers that offer the best quality natural stones. We have a wide range of sandstone, granite, and marble slabs and tiles that are exported globally. 

Today, we give you a brief glimpse into some of our popular marble and granite stones. Read on to discover!

Trendy Marble Slabs/Tiles From Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd

The beauty and elegance of marble tiles are unmatched. It can suit different design styles from traditional, modern, minimalist, and even rustic. You just have to choose the right colour to suit your space and application. MMGL is one of the top natural stone suppliers offering a wide range of marble, granites and many more. Among them, two are discussed ahead.

1. Fantasy Brown

There has always been a growing debate whether Fantasy Brown is marble or quartz. It is actually identified as a marble variety because it has all the qualities of natural stone. It has a wide array of colours both bold and neutral. They range from white, grey, gold, and reddish-brown. Use the marble slabs or tiles anywhere in your interior decors such as countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, flooring, and accent walls. You can use the marble tiles from the best natural stone suppliers for exterior decor applications such as fountains and landscaping.

Fantasy Brown Marble from the Best Natural Stone Suppliers

2. River Blue

This natural stone is an epitome of royalty with its bluish and white background that is overrun by greyish veins. It is a native stone from India that is gaining popularity in the world. It is often used for countertops (Arbeitsplatten)

 but can be used for flooring as well. But you will find this stone available only from a few of the leading natural stone suppliers (Lieferanten Naturstein). And MMGL is one of them.

Granite Slabs/Tiles In Fashion at Global Natural Stone Suppliers

As mentioned earlier, granite is the hardest natural stone. It is only second to diamond making it a good material for both commercial and residential projects. Here is a look at some of the new and popular granite tiles (granitfliesen) from the global natural stone suppliers

1. Matrix Leather

These granite tiles have a grey background with light grey streaks that run across them. It can be described to have the appearance of volcanic ash. Its durability makes it a great fit to be used for the exterior and interior. Also, it is a good fit for high-traffic areas. The best thing is that it suits any design style whether classical or modern.

Matrix Leather Granite Stone

2. Amadeus Blue

The granite tiles have a black surface that is full of purple floral-like patterns. It is a beautiful stone that can be incorporated into a modern-themed space. It can be used for different applications such as flooring (bodenbelag), countertops, fireplaces, backsplashes, and accent walls.

3. Multicolour Granite

A red coloured granite can do well in both interiors and exteriors. This natural stone (naturstein) has a red background with black spots and grey veins. It is an amazing choice for flooring but can also work for other applications.

Multicolour Granite

4. New Imperial Red 

These are also red granite tiles but it incorporates brown and peach. It might seem busy but it is a very simple stone that adds a pop of colour to any space. It is becoming a favourite among architects and interior designers who love adding boldness to interiors.

MMGL – Globally Active Natural Stone Suppliers and Manufacturer

These are just a bit of the best-selling granite and marble slabs/tiles available at Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd. As one of the leading natural stone suppliers, we have many more varieties that fall under different shades of rainbow colors. 

Moreover, we are active across different countries in the world especially in Europe and America – apart from India which is our base. 

The best part is that you can contact us and order your custom granite slabs/tiles or marble slabs/tiles as per the shape, cut, size, and finish. And we will deliver the exact order that accurately fits in the application you desire.

Go ahead and check our long list of beautiful natural stones, and choose your favorite from the leading natural stone supplier!

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