Sustainability is one of the most important attributes considered in every industry today. The construction industry is no different. Sustainable architecture is becoming the new norm for construction. It refers to the act of using building materials (bau material), resources, and design methods that do not harm human health and the environment. 

Natural stone has had an impeccable reputation when it comes to achieving this ideology. It possesses features that are ideal for interior and exterior construction. The sustainable material is celebrated for the durability, resistance, easy maintenance, and beauty it offers to every structure. 

When you choose natural stone for construction (bau) you are choosing to save mother Earth and the resources for future generations. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones ensure energy efficiency and low carbon emissions during construction. They are the future of sustainable architecture (die Architektur).

Why Should You Choose Natural Stone For Sustainable Architecture? 

1. Nature’s creation 

Natural stone is the epitome of sustainable architecture. It comes from mother Earth after centuries of geologic processes that ensure that there are no toxins found in any of the stone variants. The mineral deposits found in the various stones are a result of nature, thus nothing has been added to them. This is a very important aspect of sustainability. 

Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is one of the leading natural stone suppliers around the world. They mine stones such as granite, marble, quartzite, sandstone, and exotic stones from South India. Some of the popular ones include Cielo Ivory, Black Galaxy, and Ivory Brown granite.

2. Energy efficient

Green living is becoming a priority among many homeowners. Creating environmentally friendly buildings can be achieved by using natural stone in the construction or adding the stones later on in the interior design. Natural stone is known for its durability, thus you do not have to worry about repairs. Think about the Taj Mahal and The Pyramids. They have stood the test of time because of natural stone. Also, it reduces energy waste as it is low maintenance material, recyclable, and requires less energy during mining. 

For instance, a countertop marble slab such as Verde Alligator or Viola Fantasy can be recycled if there is a need for change.

Viola Fantasy Marble stone

3. Durable 

We all know that natural stone (naturstein) can stand the test of time. Granite is one of the most preferred variants because of its high durability. It is a great green architecture material especially for flooring (bodenbelag) in high traffic areas.

Natural Stones for Sustainable Architecture

The best part is that you have different colors to choose from such as Absolute Black, Steel Grey, Imperial White, Kashmir Gold, and others that are available at MMGL. Marble is known to age beautifully while still maintaining its elegance. Some varieties such as Fantasy Brown and Green Marble are also available at MMGL.

4. Nearly maintenance-free 

If natural stone is maintained properly it is bound to last long while still retaining its beauty, unlike synthetic materials that are prone to wear and tear. However, you also need to use proper products, especially during cleaning to enhance the stone’s lifespan. There are sustainable material products manufactured free from toxins that are specifically designed to clean natural stone. 

Sandstone such as Teakwood is low maintenance since it can withstand frost and stains making it a good application for both exterior and interior projects.

5. Mined and manufactured sustainably 

Mining companies are at the forefront of ensuring that sustainable architecture material is achieved in all processes. At MMGL, we ensure to use eco-friendly processes such as no carbon emissions, less waste, and low energy use to extract the stones. This is important to keep the earth safe.

Rainbow Sandstone

Are you looking for Rainbow Sandstone for a landscaping project? It is available at MMGL.

Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd – Global Supplier of Natural Stones

Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd (MMGL) is one of the leading global natural stone suppliers (Lieferanten Naturstein) in the world. We deeply understand the significance of sustainable architecture and green design in today’s world. We aim at constant contribution to this green cause by providing premium quality natural stones that are often synonymously known as a green building (grünes Gebäude) material.  

In addition, we also offer our clients the service of personalization. Any product you choose on our website is delivered to you as per your preference in terms of size, shape, thickness, edge profile, and finish. 

Are you strongly willing to begin a green architecture project? Then go ahead and browse through our sustainable (nachhaltig) materials!

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