Natural stone steps are nothing new; granite and marble stone suppliers today use technology to deliver the perfect size and shape natural building stones. If you are looking for the best ideas for your outdoor steps, you may want to consider using natural stone steps. That is because they are strong and resistant to natural factors like rain and sunshine. Nevertheless, they are of high quality and will flaunt its original look until decades. 

So, let’s go ahead and explore the opportunities with natural stone steps! 

Types of Natural Stone Steps

There is a wide variety of stone steps to go with if you are considering installing stone steps. Depending on design, shape and size, the following are some examples of natural stone steps. 

Multiple piece treads & risers

These are natural stone steps designs that are quite popular worldwide, especially in public outdoor spaces including parks. The treads where you step on can be made from different types of natural stone with the raisers, which is the vertical space between the steps. Note that the treads can be of any design from a single large natural stone or pieces. The tread thickness can vary depending on the type of natural stone you intend to use.

Many marble stone suppliers in India have different sizes of stones you can use for your natural stone steps. These include:  610x305x10mm, 610x610x15mm, 600x400x15mm, 600x300x20mm, 600x600x20mm and 305x305x10mm. 

Note that all these stones have a thickness range of between 2cm and 3cm.

Stone slab steps

These are also a common natural stone step design that is popular with many marble and granite stone suppliers, hence the design. These are steps made from long layers of stone placed on top of each other. If you are working with thinner stones for your Natural stone steps, you may have to use layers of the stone for each step. That means the bottom stone on the steps acts as raisers. Note that depending on space’s size and shape where you need to install the steps, you may have to shape the stones to fit properly.

Natural Stone Steps

Natural Stones To Use As Steps And Step Risers

Normally risers can be any kind of natural stone. Some of the commonly used risers in building natural stone steps include: 


Granite is known to be the leading material when it comes to natural building stones. That is because it is strong and highly resistant to cracks and impacts. It is a good material for building your risers because they can withstand high pressure resulting from excess weight.

Granite Stone Suppliers

2. Marble

Marble stones are soft yet tough enough to pass the test of time. And as nice as they may look, these stones are impossible to damage unless you use too much force that any human being or animal cannot naturally achieve. A marble step riser will ensure that your steps stay intact for longer and look much more appealing.

3. Sandstone

Another popular step riser that you can install for your Natural stone steps is the sandstone. Like any other natural building stone, there are different kinds of sandstones, and depending on your supplier, you can order one that you prefer. Some sandstones come ragged while others come well finished to leave them looking like teakwood. Regardless of which option you go with, sandstone will always stand to be appealing and durable.

How To Choose Best Quality Natural Stone Steps? 

One of the first things you need to do when looking for ideas for your stone steps is conducting ample research to find out more about what you are going for. Know where to buy legit natural building stones that will last for long. Many people have ended up buying poor-quality building stones because of the lack of research to find out the kind of marble suppliers or granite suppliers they are dealing with. However, using platforms like these, you can equip yourself with the right information to help you select the best type of building stones for your natural stone steps, walls, and even the kitchen top.

Best Quality Natural Stone Steps

Superior Quality Natural Stones From MMGL 

All types of natural stones discussed above are available at Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd. One of the leading exporters of granite stone and marble stone goes way further in providing best quality stones with custom designs. 

Some of their popular natural stone tiles include Coffee Brown, Bengal White, Amba White, Indian Dakota, Black Galaxy, Kashmir White and Ivory Fantasy. All of these stones including others are available in a variety of finishes such as polished, flamed, honed, brushed, caress and leather finish. The choice of finish depends on the space where you wish to install the stone. 

You can use any of these varieties as natural stone steps or risers. Just tell us your complete requirement and we are here to give you a befitting solution! 

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