Starting a hotel is undoubtedly a very difficult task. Arranging everything that will attract the attention of more and more people is yet another tedious thing for the owners. And how can you forget about the interiors? This is the major part every hotel owner should pay attention to. The interiors of the hotels should be accurate and up to the mark. However, every interior is incomplete without a perfect marble stone decoration. 

Using marble stones in your interiors will create a luxury interior design look for your hotel and will make it look more amazing for sure. The creativity that the marble stones present wherever it gets fixed is incredible. And for the same reason, these stones are actively taken into consideration by a lot of hotel owners. Also, the non-stick coating on these marble stone tiles will not let them remain dirty for a longer period and will give a fresh impression to the hotel for decades. 

So, let’s see how your hotel can adorn the luxury interior design with marble. 

Marble’s Role In Luxury Interior Design 

A lot of applications of marble stones are available for a hotel interior according to the area in which they are about to be installed. With the natural stone, every room gets a unique and luxurious interior design – effortlessly. 

Some of the special and identical applications of marble in different areas of a hotel can be as follows. 

1. Pristine White Marble Flooring

Luxury Interior Design

Just like the Raffles in Singapore, the pristine white marble flooring suits best in hotels to give them a luxurious and calm look. White hues have always been one of the most classic marble stones to date. They spread their special royal touch in every place of installation. It suits best in the dining area of the hotel as it gives a shining impression throughout the room. 

Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd offers a variety of premium quality white marble to enhance the aesthetics of any space. One of the popular options is the White Dune Marble that reflects subtle grey strikes on the white background. The use of this stone adds to a relaxing minimalist beauty. 

2. Black & White Marble Tiles

Black & white has always been the most authentic and perfect combination of colors. It creates a unique impression and flavor wherever it is applied. Also, the uniqueness of this combination is providing the most convenient luxury interior designs to the people for any purpose. In the same way, as in the Fontainebleau in Miami, the combination of black & white is best suited for a distinct luxury interior design of a hotel. 

Your hotel will look luxurious and beautiful when you give a black & white look to it. The furniture and interior can also be arranged according to this design. For example, The White Dunes marble from Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd and a slightly patterned black marble lead to a decorative look. The tiles can be polished to create a posh and luxurious impression for your hotel. 

3. Marble Mosaic Flooring

Marble Mosaic Flooring

The marble mosaic floorings give a royal and luxurious look to a hotel for sure. Just like the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Roosevelt, New Orleans, every other hotel can try to explore their luxury interior design options.

The marble mosaic floors look best in a golden floral setup. This golden color can be combined with either dark blue or brown color to create a luxury interior design impression of the place. The Brown Fantasy Marble, for instance, can manifold the effect. The stone gives out a striking pattern of brown, black, grey on a whitish background. 

Such floorings suit best in the lobbies or center halls of a hotel. These are the places from where everyone goes towards the dining or resting part of the hotel. In a way, these floorings will be the luxurious first impression of your hotel that you will surely desire to create.

4. Onyx Marble Stone Interiors

Marble Stone Interior

To create a mesmerizing luxury interior design, the Green Onyx Marble stone interiors should be undoubtedly considered in the first place. With the help of this elegant and charming stone, the floorings and walls can get a classy and luxurious look. The marble is inserted especially in the washrooms of the hotels. The tiles give a transparent impression to the people and make them feel energetic being in their surroundings. 

Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd offers the highest quality Green Onyx Marble to make your hotel ready for the first impression. The translucent look of the stone can make any place stand out in the crowd. 

Get Your Hands On The Best Quality Marble Slabs/Tiles From Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd

All the above applications and types of marble stones have been used by a lot of hotel owners. They have experienced amazing results while being able to attract more customers. Therefore, Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd offers a wide range of marble slabs and tiles to match your requirements. 

The marble stone design types discussed here are worth being considered by everyone who desires to make their hotels look classy and luxurious. 

Choosing the appropriate material to support luxury interior design is crucial to determine your customer base. It is also key to improving hospitality services. Keeping the factors in mind, marble is the best option you could have. 

Let us know your design dream and we are here to give it a beautiful bespoke shape! 

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