Modern buildings are some of the most magnificent architectural works in human history. If you intend to use tiles for flooring in India or any part of the globe, it is highly recommended that you partner with a trusted granite stone supplier for the best granite tiles for floors. MMGL, on the other hand, has been one of the leading marble and granite suppliers in India, with its services also available abroad. That means you can always order from MMGL regardless of your location.

Famous Granite Stone Tiles For Flooring

Viscount White Decorated

With black, grey, and white patterns that appear to flow together; this natural stone can provide you with stylish and unique interior decor. Nevertheless, the stone is durable and easy to clean. It is also highly resistant to impact, and it requires some force to break the stone finally. Whether you are looking for the perfect granite tiles for floors in your kitchen, restroom, and even living room, the Viscount White tiles will give your building a timeless crispy clean look.

Steel Grey

This is a famous flooring granite stone that will gently make a strong statement about your style and quality preference. Made of light and dark colors, the steel grey granite stone will give your building a silver, shiny grey finish. It is also the kind of natural stone you will find in with only the premium granite stone suppliers in India and the world. That is because it is one of the best, low-cost granite tiles for floors, plus it is durable.

Kashmir White

If you are looking for a white finish for your kitchen top or even your floors, this clean and glossy granite stone should do it. Famous in most buildings with white granite tiles for floors, the Kashmir White granite tiles are also perfect for walls and other parts of a building’s interior and exterior. You should not be worried about this tile’s durability since granite is known to be a strong material. There are also black granite tiles if the color white does not work for you.

Cielo Ivory / Kashmir Cream

The color cream has always been the favorite of many people who want a peaceful and mild ambiance. The Cielo Ivory / Kashmir Cream provides all this plus more. It is one of the most popular granite tiles for floors. Plus, the black spots spread all over its surface is a unique pattern. It is known to create a calm ambiance, and apart from floors, it can do well for your kitchen top, walls, and not forgetting the restroom. 

Granite Tiles For floors
Black Galaxy

The Black Galaxy granite tiles for floors are among the most common flooring tiles, as seen in most hotel lobbies. With its intricate, shiny surface, it is ideal for kitchen tops and can even be used to finish your restroom walls and floors. One thing about black granite that makes it perfect for flooring public places is that it can hide stain much better, and it is also easy to clean.

Multi-color Red

Although it is not a standard flooring tile, the Multicolor Red granite stone is another magnificent material to finish your flooring. The red color is bold and unique by itself. But it is the natural patterns in granite stones that give this flooring material a flawless look. It looks impressive after installation. And that is why many granite stone suppliers in India wish to have the tile in their catalog.

Ivory brown

Another superb choice of granite tiles for floors is the Ivory Brown granite tiles with different kinds of dark patterns on a brown background. Also, shiny and hard at the same time, it is the kind of flooring you can trust in private and public spaces. It is quite famous not only in India but in the rest of the world as well.

Granite Floorings

Variety Of Finishes

The final touch or the finish given to a natural stone tile can greatly transform the look and feel. The finishes play an essential role in not just changing the appearance but also the function and application. For instance, if you are planning to purchase granite tiles for floors in the restroom, flamed finish is one of the best options. It provides a rough rock-like natural look to the tiles while preventing the danger of slipping. Similarly, MMGL offers various finishes for all the granite varieties mentioned above. 

Granite Tile Sizes available at MMGL

It is important to note that granite tiles for floors come in different sizes, and at MMGL, all the flooring as mentioned above tiles are available in the following dimension sizes. 

1. 610 × 305 × 10 mm
2. 600 × 400 × 15 mm
3. 400 × 400 × 15 mm
4. 600 × 300 × 20 mm
5. 600 x 600 × 20mm
6. 610 × 610 × 15mm
7. 305 × 305 × 10 mm

Video On Edge Profiling:

An edge profile defines the appearance of the corners and the edges of your granite slabs. A plethora of edge profiles from round to sharp ones are available. If you have kids at home, you can choose a soft edge profile that’s rounded from all corners. 

Find All Of These Exclusive Granite Tiles Only At MMGL

Madhav Marbles and Granites Ltd. is one of the leading exporters of granite stone. For decades, we have been providing bespoke natural stone solutions to customers in India and overseas. 

While the above list takes you through few of our popular products, there’s more to surprise you in our natural stone collection. 

If you are looking for granite tiles for floors in your home or office, browse through our amazing yet cost-effective varieties! 

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