Is it challenging to choose among the latest marble trends that define your lifestyle and persona? Do you want to keep up with the marble trends to upgrade your home decor? Well, you’ve reached the right place now.

Unlike furniture, paint, and other home decors, the stone industry doesn’t undergo much of a revolution with each passing year. Still, choosing the handpicked collection from a trusted marble supplier can make a lot of difference. 

Here are some stone types that have become popular picks of homeowners to decorate their space as per their taste. 

Marble Trends That Suit Your Life Style

1. One Who Loves Natural and Elegant Look

Marbles and granite suppliers have observed that stones that give out a natural vibe are popular in the market. People love to create an elegant and unique look in their homes by installing marble slabs, tiles, backsplashes that mimic a natural space. 

Rainforest Green from madhav collection is on top of the marble trends for nature lovers. Its green backdrop interfered with webs of brown and dark green veins imparts a welcoming warmth to the living space. It creates a calming ambiance while uplifting the aesthetics of the living space. 

Besides this, Rainforest Brown is also a popular stone among those who love a natural yet elegant look. Any supplier of marble defines it as the perfect stone for accent walls or fireplace surrounds. It comes in a light-brown shade with scattered dark-brown veins mimicking the natural tree branches. 

So, whether you are a fan of a subtle natural landscape or the vibrant greenery, you can never go wrong with these two choices. 

2. Holistic Havens Who Love Classic Whites 

The marble trends will come and go, but the classic whites will stay forever! White marble slabs are, no doubt, still ruling above all. The class, serenity, and luxury that this variety adds to a place make them extraordinary.

When light creamish or greyish shades mix with white marble slabs, they become even more exciting. They can dramatically make any space bigger and brighter. Marbles and granite suppliers rate white classics as the number one choice of builders, architects, and designers. 

If you’re looking for something like this, check out our White Dune marble that would steal your heart at a glance. Its grey and blue streaks stretched over the creamy-white background make it holistic and graceful at the same time. 

White Dune Marble Trending Stone

3. One Who Is Minimalistic Lover

Inclination towards a minimalistic lifestyle is increasing at a fast rate. People are opting for simple clothing and choosing sustainability over luxury. Minimalism is not limited to fashion but has expanded to home decor and marble trends as well. 

A marble supplier who understands the true taste of a minimalist would always suggest either Fantasy Brown or Brown Fantasy for creating the desired look. Both of them are suitable for indoors and outdoors to create an eye-pleasing ambiance. 

Also, it is a low-maintenance and durable stone, which makes it an ideal choice for flooring, staircases, shower surrounds, etc. Their perfect grey and brown shades would never fail to amaze a minimalist.

4. One Who Loves Going Bold

If a loud personality and classy attitude define you, Viola Fantasy is the best choice for defining your home. Its lustrous dark brown backdrop with black, grey, and cream veins creates an intense look for modern homes. 

The distinctive patterns that such a variety exhibits make it one of the top choices for any supplier of marble. It adds class, excitement, and boldness to your residential and commercial spaces while complementing your personality. 

5. One With Dramatic Persona

Are you passionate, curious, and full of life? Do you want that similar vibe to your home that could win anyone’s heart? If yes, we have the perfect choices for you. You can check out our green marble that offers everything you need.

Green Marble - A Luxirious Choice

The list of the latest marble trends is incomplete without its name. And its stunning dark green base with remarkable deep greenish veins reflects an outstanding appearance. Besides wall cladding, tabletops, or vanity tops, it goes perfectly well for sculptures, monuments, and whatnot. 

Marble trends of Madhav Marbles & Granite suppliers don’t stop here. It also includes the incredible Rainforest Gold Marble that adds an earthly tone to your living space. Its bright golden theme with irregular brown and white veins creates a dramatic fusion to match up to your personality and aura. 

These are some hand-picked stones trending in 2022. Also, when it comes to options for designing your flooring, check this detailed blog on Most Loved Colors of Marble Flooring For Your Interiors.

Buy These Classy Stones From Madhav Marble

You can get all of them and many more mesmerizing stones from Madhav Marble with top-notch quality and affordability. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our latest marble trends now and make your home stand out. Also if you are a granite lover and looking to revamp your space with granite countertops, do read this blog – Granite Countertops That Are Likely To Found Popular In 2022, and get ideas.

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