Granite Countertops For Stylish Interiors
Are you seeking to make a statement in your kitchen or restroom design? Do you want to embellish your space using natural stones? If yes, granite countertops make a perfect count. 

Nowadays, managing household chores while hustling with children, jobs, and what not is a big concern. But at the end of the day, we all want an aesthetic and lively ambiance in our living space. More than any other room, kitchen, and restroom take a toll on homeowners when it comes to maintenance. But what if we tell you that you can now add mesmerizing yet low-maintenance interiors in such spaces?  

Yes, you’ve read it right! Madhav Marble and Granite Ltd. is happy to bring you the latest trends in granite countertops that will brighten up your interior designs in 2022. To know what are the trending colors of granite for kitchen countertops, read on this blog.

Proceeding further, get ready to wave goodbye to the old and dull restroom and kitchen interiors with the most practical and eye-catching granite countertops. 

Best Granite Stones for Countertops Available with Madhav

We have selected our top picks from the vast range of granite countertops that are worth investing in 2022. So, here is your go-to guide to uplift the style statement of your living space.

1. Colombo Juparana

If you want to wow all of your guests with your interior setup, then Colombo Juparana can help you do so. It is known to add a welcoming and elegant vibe to your residence. So, people prefer to install it as granite countertops in kitchens, restrooms, restroom vanity units, etc. It features a subtle amalgamation of strong reddish swirls, black veining, and dark beige speckles. Thus, its enchanting patterns and unique color combination make it a remarkable choice for granite countertops. 

This distinctive granite is also a go-to natural stone for kitchen islands, backsplashes, and window sills. Such granite countertops are easy-to-clean, moisture resistant, and blend well with your interior decor. 

2. Viscount White

No matter in which year we enter, the marble finish granite countertops will remain trendy. As the name suggests, it comes in white color embossed with grey waves. It leaves an exotic look and can be installed as flooring, tabletop, or wall cladding along with kitchen and restroom countertops. Due to the classic color combination, Viscount White granite is one of the most loved choices of homeowners and builders. Besides, it is also an affordable choice when compared with other granite used for countertops. 

Viscount Waves Granite Countertops

So, if you think your kitchen or any other room needs renovation, Viscount White is the most innovative choice. Also, the durability, low maintenance, and resistance towards daily wear and tear make it a worthy stone to be installed as granite countertops. 

3. Black Pearl

If you are looking for granite countertops that complement and accentuate your light-toned interiors, Black Pearl is all that you need. It comes in multiple finishes, such as polished, flamed, leather, and many more. Its black background coupled with the tiny silver metallic flakes ensure an elegant look in your interior decor. Besides being a preferred choice as granite countertops, you can use Black Pearl in floor tiles, wall cladding, and vanity units. 

Furthermore, there are various benefits of choosing Black Pearl for granite countertops in the kitchen, restrooms, or exterior settings. High compressive strength, durability, and resistance to stain, scratch, or heat are to name a few. 

4. Absolute Black

Absolute Black granite stands for its timeless quality and high standards. It is no surprise that Absolute Black is gaining humongous popularity as granite countertops due to its luxurious appeal and ability to conceal stains.

So, if you are wondering what could be a classy choice for remodeling your living space, Absolute Black granite countertops is the answer. 

Absolute Black Granite Countertops

You can find them as slabs and tiles of your desired finish, dimension, and thickness. Absolute Black granite countertops make an ideal combination with wooden cabinets or other decor items.

5. Imperial White

Imperial White is one of the top-rated granite countertops for 2022 to add a lively character to your residential or commercial space. A sophisticated combination of white stone fused with grey and pink tinge and black speckles is what you can expect while choosing Imperial white granite. It is suitable to build granite countertops using this naturally breathtaking imperial white stone. Imperial White stone used in restrooms and kitchens can do wonders because of its mildew-resistance properties. Also, its ability to stand the test of time, which makes it a perfect fit for the outdoors. 

Get All These Quality Stones at Madhav Marble

Such incredible and premium quality granite countertops are available at Madhav Marble. Being an eminent supplier of granite, we offer top-quality granite stones, that too, at competitive prices. 

Contact us today to have an aesthetic appeal to your home with astounding and trendy granite countertops.

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