Do you want to add a subtle and sober white colour theme to your kitchen? You must definitely be thinking of installing Kashmir white granite stone in your kitchen. But the first thought that comes to our minds while thinking of using white stones is the stain and spill marks that may tarnish the overall charm of your countertop. And it is for this reason, that people usually prefer using darker shades of granite stones. However, very few interior designers and stone suppliers will help you out in this regard. 

The all-white granites are not necessarily 100% white. Rather, some have white backdrops with flecks & swirls in shades of grey, black yellow, brown, or beige and provide a serene look to any style of decor. Among them, the New Kashmir White Granite is one of the trendiest & timeless options for many decorative connoisseurs. 

Known for creating a well-designed statement, this granite is suitable for both interior and exterior decor. With leading white granite suppliers- Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd, you can rest assured of high-quality products that match the feel of the surroundings and add light to the space. But before we probe deeper into understanding the dynamics of this leading stone supplier, let us first understand the features of the New Kashmir White Granite. This blog covers the features of New Kashmir White Granite and tips on how to match it with the kitchen cabinet. 

New Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir white granite

New Kashmir White Granite is a white-grey medium-grained granite and is one of the lightest white-colored granite available in the market today. The stone has an immeasurable aesthetic charm and it blends with almost all kinds of kitchen designs and cabinetry. That is the beauty and greatness of the white colour. It can be paired with any other colour combination of your choice.  

Granite countertops are highly heat-resistant, and frost-resistant that last long. Its presence appeals to kitchen interiors making the space more spacious and brighter. The New Kashmir White Granite is best suited for those clients who love to style their space with a unique decorative quotient. 

Cabinet Colors That Look Great with New Kashmir White granite

You might find it difficult to finalize the perfect cabinets with the new Kashmir White Granite countertops because of the innumerable colour options that go with them. However, here we have curated a list of combinations taking expert ideas from our in-house interior designers at Madhav Marbles. Let us explore them to get the best combination of your choice – 

  1. Light-coloured Cabinetry –

Interestingly, the color pattern and style of New Kashmir White Granite have a subtle finish that goes with almost every color of the cabinet. Apart from this, white or light-colored cabinet colors like grey often suit the best with New Kashmir White granite countertops. 

  1. Black-coloured Cabinetry –

Contrast is an on-trend fashion that makes the interiors look bold and sharp. Using black cabinets with the New Kashmir White Granite gives a bold & stylish look to your kitchen. It is perfectly suited for modern and contemporary interiors.

  1. Bright coloured Cabinetry –

If you have already set a thematic look for your interiors like white and green or white and pastel, you can pair your new Kashmir White granite top with brightly coloured cabinetry. Cabinets come in a variety of colours and designs. Thus, you can use bright colours to add a stylish throw to your kitchen interiors. But, before making a selection, ensure that it complements well the aesthetics of kitchen interiors

If you are looking for something that makes your space truly stand out and gives a subtle look. Then, you can definitely do this by selecting the white color cabinets with new Kashmir white granite countertops. But, before making a selection, ensure that it complements well the aesthetics of kitchen interiors. 

Madhav Marbles and Granites – One-stop Shop for White Countertops : 

Although a number of marble and granite distributors may provide you with multiple countertop options, at Madhav Marbles and Granites Ltd., you don’t just buy a piece of countertop, instead, you hire assistance in even selecting the best colours, curate customized combinations, and much more. We are one of the leading marble and granite suppliers in the country and our primary motto is to bring customer satisfaction. We can craft the marble slab in the required dimension, size, and finishing as per the requirement of the house interiors. As our team works closely with designers and architects, we have great knowledge of how to spend less and create more for the clients. For more details, check out here, and can contact us for any bulk orders!   

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