Redecorating your kitchen space is probably the first thing on everyone’s minds when it comes to renovating and refurbishing the house interiors. That’s why, in this blog today we will tell you about the best natural stone kitchen countertop trends that are worth following in the year 2023. So, without much further ado, let’s begin our hunt for the trendiest and latest kitchen countertop slabs available at our one and only unique store – Madhav Marbles and Granites Ltd. 

Some Best Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops are

1. Absolute Black Granite 

As the name itself says, ‘Absolute Black’, this natural stone slab defines the classiest and the most sophisticated taste of yours in your favourite colour – Black. Now black is a universally liked shade – especially when it comes to classy home furnishings. When you do not want to over-colour the interiors of your kitchen, you can use this magnificent Absolute Black Granite from our store. The stone has a high dense consistent black texture and subtle design that can add a touch of class and elegance to any space. To bring an added novelty to the countertop, you can pair up this magnificent granite slab with a contrasting shade of kitchen cabinetries. 

Absolute Black Granite 

2. Bengal White Granite

Just like the colour black, the colour white is also an epitome of simplicity embossed within elegance. You can use our best granite color, the Bengal White Granite, to brighten up your kitchen’s internal space and add a touch of grandeur by pairing this with absolutely any colour of kitchen cabinets. You can find this elegant granite slab at our factory as it is one of the most liked and sold products among all other granite slabs we have. 

Bengal White Granite

3. Ivory Brown Granite  

Standing true to its name, this splendid Ivory Brown Granite is a light shade of ivory brownish colour – a shade elegant enough to bring naturally sparkling natural stone kitchen countertop trends right into your laps. Buying this granite stone will prove to be your best decision unless you are planning to use the same old cliché kitchen countertops. This is a magnificent piece of granite usually used to brighten up the space. However, if you are planning on using wooden polished cabinetries in your kitchen, using our Ivory Brown Granite will definitely add a cherry on top of the cake. 

Ivory Brown Granite  

4. New Kashmir Cream Granite 

Typically, you might think of our New Kashmir Cream Granite as another off-white shade, but it’s not. In fact, it is actually creamy in appearance, which means that you are not just installing a kitchen countertop in your house, but are also keeping up with the natural stone kitchen countertop trends in 2023. We are witnessing increased demand for this granite slab variety this year because of its naturally creamy shade and its ability to look good with any dark-coloured kitchen cabinetry. So, if you do not want to go with either black or white, you can go for this simple yet elegant shade of granite. 

New Kashmir Cream Granite 

5. Viscount Waves Granite 

Waves!!! Yes, probably the best thing you need in your kitchen countertop is a wavy pattern. You would love this countertop shade as its background colour is so subtle white-greyish, with the undercurrents of a black wavy pattern. These wavy patterns run in a regular fashion throughout the slab and it is a great addition to your kitchen. Nevertheless, the Viscount Waves granite slab too can be paired up with a number of kitchen cabinetries – black, white, wooden, brownish – anything. 

Viscount Waves Granite 

Apart from the elegant and trendy natural stone kitchen countertops mentioned above, we have a wide range of granite slabs available easily in our Factory. This is so because we are one of the leading marble and granite suppliers and manufacturers in India, and we love to maintain ourselves in the top position. Also, since we believe in providing the best to our customers, we have a lot more ideas than you can imagine to redecorate your kitchen according to the best natural stone kitchen countertop trends in 2023. Connect us today to know more about our collection.

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