Granite is considered the king of all stones used for construction and infrastructure. Notably, granite has been a famous stone used in home or office decor and design for decades. However, granite is the only stone that has been able to substantially upgrade its position in the global market. And granite suppliers and exporters know this very well. The accredited to high strength, durability, stylish beauty, and numerous patterns can be carved out of this stone. 

As far as checking for the best Asian country to export granite, Madhav Marble holds supremacy when granite exporters are concerned. India is emerging as the leading force and exporter of granite and other natural stones. The manufacturers and suppliers have created a great and flourishing business hub for granite and other stones over years. 

India: A Popular Granite Hub for B2B Industries

 Index box has conducted a detailed analysis of the business share held by the granite industry in India. As per the analysis, it can be concluded that India covers the largest export part of granite with a volume of about 6.9M tonnes, comprising nearly 71% of total exports in 2018. It was distantly followed by Indonesia with 1.6M tonnes and China with 0.7 M, together creating 24% of total share exports. And since then the country has witnessed massive growth in this industry with each passing year. 

India exported granite worth 498.85 USD in the year 2020-2022 and is supplying high-quality granite to various B2B industries. 

Interestingly, since India is globally the largest producer of natural stones, especially granite production, the demand for granite in both commercial and residential sectors has helped India to strengthen its position in the global granite market. 

Some Popular Indian Granites Exported Among B2B Industries. 

Granite slabs are available in various unique colours, textures, and patterns. 

In fact, many suppliers even provide varying finishings to granite stone slabs that provide enough variety in styles and textures. Ranging from Colonial White to Absolute Black, Indian granite manufacturers and suppliers have a collection of numerous types of granite in various textures, colors, and patterns. 

Absolute Granite Slabs Supplier

Among all, the famous Indian granites that are exported among various B2B industries are:- 

Bengal White granite supplier

Indian Granite Suppliers Catering to all B2B Buying Needs 

As India is a globally leading natural stone supplier and manufacturer, Indian granite suppliers can cater to all B2B buying and selling needs. Moreover, numerous granite suppliers in India hold expertise in exporting and manufacturing almost every style of stone. Plus, B2B businesses are attracted to the attractive & appealing designs that make a bulk purchase an easy job. 

Bengal Black Granite Supplier

Countries that Mainly Import Granite from India

Surprisingly, Asia-pacific shares more than 34% of the global stone market. Every year, India exports the bulk of granite and other natural stones to residential and commercial projects. 

As one of the world’s largest granite suppliers, India exports granite to various countries, including Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Austria, along with other parts of the world.

A Leading Indian Granite Exporter- Madhav Marble

India is a hub of granite suppliers and exporters. Among all, Madhav Marble is one of the top granite suppliers and manufacturers of slabs and calibrated tiles. They have been leading the granite and stone industry for decades. Their explicit customer services and quality products have always been a piece of attraction for many national and international customers. Additionally, they have a highly experienced team working on innovative experimentation in design and decor. They always improvise as per customer reviews, making them stand out. Fulfilling all customer demands and providing high customer satisfaction is always their highest priority. They are incredibly famous and trustworthy when it comes to customer experience and quality works. Reach us to know more 

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