A headstone, also known as a tombstone (Grabstein), is a tall stone structure that sits on top of a grave. It usually displays the name of the deceased and their epitaph which can be written by family members who wish to commemorate their loved one in such away. This stone monument is considered an essential aspect of the stoneworking industry and has been part of many cultures for centuries serving as a reminder and memorializing the dead.

There are several designs and variations available in tombstones. There are genuine ideas to honor the departed, ranging from making a simple granite tombstone to creating a marble tombstone with an engraving.

Significance of Tombstones

Tombstones have a special meaning in people’s lives because they believe they are eternally linked to the deceased ones. Tombstones are created so that they can treasure the lives of their loved ones.  There are no restrictions on the size or type of marking or monument. However, the cemetery frequently regulates the size and type of gravestones.  Many countries like Germany, Iran, Russia have seen tremendous growth in building (Gebäude) a tombstone made of different designs and varieties like a Granite tombstone (Granit Grabstein) with heart-shaped, European- styled tropical green granite monuments and many more.

Why Granite Is The Most Used Stone In Tombstones? 

Granite tombstones are made of the most durable, natural material available. They are non-porous and will never fade or crack. This means that granite tombstones make very beautiful memorials for your loved ones, and provide a long-lasting tribute to their memories. Most people like them because they look good and last a lifetime.

granite headstones and tombstone

Granite has a magnificent texture and is available in a wide range of colors – from vibrant reds to mesmerizing blacks, from deep blues to gorgeous greys. We’ve collated a list of the most popular granite colors for tombstones. 

Top Colors For Granite Tombstone

Granite comes in many different colors, including red, blue, gold, yellow, silver, green, etc. If you are unsure about what type of granite you should choose to create a monument for someone’s grave, we will be happy to assist you as we have many types of granite on hand to pick from.


Black Granite (Schwarzer Granit) has a smooth surface, which can make the tombstone look more solemn and dignified. Black Granite Tombstone also has a royal appearance, especially when surrounded by a lighter-colored gravestone.

If you feel like choosing the black one, we have plenty of options available like

  • Black Galaxy: Its exquisite appearance and remarkable durability are in high demand in both domestic and international markets.
  • Black Pearl: The stone has a unique matting of silver metallic tiny flakes over a black background. Its characteristics, such as low water absorption, extreme hardness, and high compressive strength, make it ideal for monuments.
  • Absolute Black: The stone has a high, dense, and consistent texture that blends into any space creating an elegant look that is both visually appealing and adds visual interest to your room.


Blue is the color of confidence in oneself, which in turn allows for unrivaled self-expression. It is often associated with trust, loyalty, and leadership. It even creates a contrast that makes the headstone (Grabstein) easily visible from a distance while being close enough to nature to mingle with its surroundings.

We have listed the among the best blue slabs for a granite tombstone that you can choose from.

  • Bross blue stone: Beautiful dark blue tint with faint bluish veins running through it seems and perfect for the tombstone. 
  • Sapphire Blue Granite: The dark blue color with brown and black flakes. It consists of an intricate pattern that makes it appealing to the eyes, while this stone combination gives it a unique visual.
  • Himalayan Blue Granite: This magnificent stone has a lovely surface with orange streaks. The gleaming hue adds to the sensation of movement, while the streaks add depth. The result is a tremendous allure that can be sensed even in images.


Although many people look for subtle monuments, others want one as vibrant and energetic as the person who passed away. Granite Tombstones (Granit Grabstein) are available in a variety of red shades, which represent strength, power, energy, and love. Red monuments are sure to be noticed because they are so powerful, just like those who have passed away.

With its great significance and unique blend of style, Red granite comes in various types like

  • Copper Red: Copper Red is an Indian granite available in red, yellow, light brown, and some black. With some red speckles on the outside of its smooth surface, the Granite (Granit) is durable and long-lasting.
  • New Imperial Red: New Imperial Red granite is a stunning natural stone made up of red, brown, and black granules. Its modern touch and style will complement both your inside and outside design projects.

Create Long-lasting Memories For Your Loved Ones- Tombstones By Madhav Marbles

Do you require assistance in selecting the appropriate headstone for your loved ones? Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd. offers premium quality natural stones (Naturstein) which are a perfect fit for such purposes. We offer a plethora of different kinds of granite, including those with a thickness ranging from 4cm to 5cm and more, to give you the option to create a tombstone of your choice.

Our range includes a number of other sizes, and types of granite stones as well. With over 31 years of legacy in the business, we can help you select the right material based on your project’s unique specifications. 

So, if you need any help with figuring out which option is best suited for you, then do get in touch with us directly so that we can provide you with the best materials available in multiple dimensions and finishes.

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