Marble flooring design (Marmorboden) is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your home. It not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides you with a lot of extra benefits. It helps in improving your home’s overall value, making it an investment worth making. 

However, if you are planning marble flooring for your home, it is important to consider certain factors including style, pattern, and design before zeroing in on any particular type or style.

Why Prefer Marble?

  • They are known for their beauty, strength, and elegance. 
  • They are widely used in the construction (Konstruktion) of buildings, monuments, sculptures, and other artistic creations. 
  • Their amazing range of colors makes them a favorite among artists worldwide.

Let Us Look At The Top Collection Of Marble Flooring Design Ideas:

1. The Versatile White 

White marbles (Weiße Murmeln) are the best possible flooring material that can lend a distinct look to your home. It is one of the most cost-effective materials to transform your house into a mesmerizing space. Along with their architectural appeal, these tiles are durable and easy to install. They have been preferred by designers from all over the world as they give a clean and refreshing look to the house.

Tip: When a diamond motif is distributed across the clean white dunes marble flooring, it looks very stunning. This sort of marble flooring for halls works well with a wide range of interior design (Innenarchitektur) types.

2. Aesthetic  Green

Green marble (Grüner Marmor)is a versatile and durable stone that lends an earthy ambiance to any room. From the floor to the walls, it’s a flexible material that can add interest and texture to nearly any space if used correctly.

Tip: You can go with the stripes of the green marbles or green onyx with a white marble look for elegance and classy marble flooring design.

Green Marble Stone

3. Chocolate Brown

Brown marbles are used in interior design for floors, walls, and cladding. It is popular for its exotic appearance and is used widely in high-end interior applications. You can have this luxurious brown marble flooring laid at your home or office to create a gorgeous ambiance that will compliment your exquisite taste.

Tip: You can mix marble flooring design (Bodengestaltung) for your floors with a mix of patterns and borders. In which we selected rainforest brown for your patterns and white dunes for your borders. 

4. Dazzlingly Violet 

The designs and patterns created using violet marbles are long-lasting and eye-catchy. Moreover, they add grandeur and glamour to the space and bring an element of elegance and sophistication to the design. With its immense potential in transforming spaces, violet marble (Violetter Marmor) is one of the most preferred choices for flooring applications.

Tip: Mix matches your furniture and makes it look extremely unique. Go with color-coordinated viola fantasy and dive your floors into the art of modernism. 

Viola Fantasy Marble stone

5. Sunny Yellow

The yellow marbles are available in different shades of gold. They are best known for their attractive pattern on the surface, high durability, and compressive strength. Yellow marbles are an excellent option to add a stylish appearance and texture to your homes, offices, and many other places. These can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications to beautify the area.

Tip: To divide your home’s entrance and living area, you can break up the rhythm of one marble flooring design by changing it up with another interesting one. Rainforest gold, paired with black or brown marble flooring, is a great choice for an appealing look.

Rainforest Gold Marble Stone

6. All In One

Simple yet elegant is the perfect choice where white marble enters. White marbles are a good combination of elegance and simplicity. The majestic white marble has a royal look that is not always available in modern designs. White marble when induced with lines of purple, brown, or black is the perfect marble flooring design one can think of. 

Tip: If you want to go with a monochrome theme, straight lay marble tiles in a dark tone are a perfect alternative for your living room. As a result, we recommend Verde Alligator as a one-time option to fulfill all of your flooring design fantasies.

verde alligator marble floor tiles

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