Natural stone tiles are the high-quality finished products of natural stones. The Natural stone tiles can enhance the beauty and appeal of your space. At Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd, we offer a wide range of tiles to choose from. This blog is a quick guide on how investing in natural stone tiles can turn out to be the best decision for beautifying your outdoor living space.

Why Natural Stone Tiles?

  1. Natural Stone Tiles are tough, durable, and have a premium aesthetic appeal.
  2. Can be used for a variety of applications like floors, walls, fireplaces, etc. 
  3. Since it is curated from natural stones the tiles are available in a wide range and offer an array of designs and color options. 
  4. Low maintenance cost.

How To Choose The Right Material for Your Project?

With the name Natural Stone, it is a stated fact that the tiles can be used for any type of application. But choosing the right material for your space is an important aspect to consider. Our product range includes tiles made out of granite, marble, sandstone, etc. Let’s explore which type of natural stone tile can be used for your specific requirements. 


Granite is a versatile, elastic rock that is used for thousands of years to create stunning countertops, tables, floors, and other stone goods. Granite tiles (Granitfliesen) are one of the most popular flooring options because they are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and simple to maintain. Granite tiles are tumbled, processed, and polished (Poliert) to bring out the stone’s intrinsic beauty. Granite tiles are manufactured in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, and are used for flooring (Bodenbelag), walls, kitchen (Küche) counters, and other applications where durability is essential. Our range includes Amba White Granite, Viscount White, Ivory Brown, and Kashmir White, etc.

Advantages of Granite Tiles

  1. Highly durable
  2. Wide variety to choose from
  3. Stain-resistant
  4. Premium look
  5. Granite Tiles Are Hypoallergenic
Granite Natural Stone Tiles


Marble is one of the most popular and beautiful natural stones that have a legacy of being the top choice of all architects for ages. The primary application of marble is very similar to that of Granite like in flooring, countertops (arbeitsplatten), and vanity tops. But the biggest advantage of Marble over Granite is its elegant look wrapped in lower budgets. Marble tiles are versatile in terms of patterns and textures, which adds elegance and sophistication to the place of installation.

Marble tiles can complement any style or décor. Marble tiles are both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. They can be utilized to make beautiful decorations for your exteriors and interiors. Our marble tiles are a perfect blend of creativity and design. Our dedicated manufacturing team works on conceptualizing the client’s ideas and converting them into a reality. A few of our best-selling products like Rainforest Gold and Rainforest Brown are worth installing in your space.

Advantages of Marble Tiles

  1. Marble has a light-reflecting property
  2. Good insulator
  3. Economic
  4. Hardwearing and resistant to shattering


Sandstone tiles (sandsteinfliesen) are the best fit to enhance the flooring appearance of your lavatory. Other applications of sandstone are cladding and paving. The criteria of selecting the sandstone for your space is to evaluate the water retention and the water absorption capacity of sandstone is very high as compared to any other natural stone (Naturstein).

Advantages of Sandstone Tiles

  • You can create a natural beauty in your space
  • Highly durable
  • Water absorption capacity makes it more suitable for areas where the water consumption is more
  • Anti-slip property
  • Replacement is very easy and cost-effective
  • Natural and eco friendly
Natural Stone Tiles, Sandstone tiles

When you take professional help for your project it is possible to install the best for your space. At Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd, we offer the best quality natural stone tiles (Natursteinfliesen) and have a legacy of 31 years of manufacturing premium quality natural stones. Besides our expertise in manufacturing, we also offer consultation services for selecting the most optimized stone for your project. We are the leading exporter of natural stone tiles to North America, Canada, Australia, South America, and the Far East.

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