So you are considering using natural stone in your interior decor, but you need one which will suit your needs and complement your space. High chances are that you are thinking about using granite. It is beautiful, durable, and versatile. However, with so many colors and patterns to choose from it can be hectic finding the right one. The good thing is that there is a choice that can suit your needs – white granite tiles (Weiße Granitfliesen). It is one of the most popular varieties of granite natural stone. It exists in different shades of white including off-white, ivory, and cream. 

Although they don’t exist in pure whites, what makes the white granite tiles (Weiße Granitfliesen) beautiful is the patterns and specks of minerals. Also, the light color of the granite tiles makes any space appear brighter and spacious. 

White Granite Tiles Options For You

There are different picks of white granite tiles (Weiße Granitfliesen) to choose from for your space. However, with so many hues, how do you decide which is the best one for you and which will complement your style? The tiles will not only add a touch of beauty but their high resiliency can withstand high traffic areas. Granite tiles are one of the hardest materials on earth making them a great fit for flooring. At Madhav Marbles & Granites Limited (MMGL), there are a variety of white granite tiles with different finishings to give your space a fresh look. Here is a look at some of the popular choices: 

1. Amba White

If you are looking for granite tiles that have the elegance and beauty of natural stone then choose Amba White Granite. It boasts of three-color hues that swirl uniformity on it. Brown speckles and grey veins are spread across an opulent white background. It is a popular choice for high-traffic areas because of its durability. Also, there are very few granite tiles that can be used for exterior decor but with Amba White, you can.

2. Kashmir White 

This stone is of Indian origin, it features a white surface with cream and grey speckles. It is ideal for high-traffic areas both indoors and outdoors. It has high compressive strength, making it a great fit for areas such as the bathroom, living room, and kitchen flooring. Kashmir White Granite tiles (Weiße Granitfliesen)  and slabs are available at MMGL with customized size and thickness. 

White granite tiles

3. Bengal White

Referred as the most popular white granite among all, Bengal White Granite tiles offer a mesmerizing look. The stone shows off a naturally enticing design. Thanks to its versatile blend of hues including purple and brown specks on a shiny white backdrop. Owing to its decorative look, you can use this stone for fountains, stairs, accent walls, fireplaces apart from flooring and kitchen countertops.  

Xl granite tiles

4. Viscount White Granite

If you love minimalistic designs, these white granite tiles could attract you. The stone flaunts a white base with black and greyish twirl movements. The look and feel of this stone instantly bestow a space with a sense of peace and purity. Hence, whether you are looking to uplift the spirits of your commercial or residential space, Viscount White Granite could do wonders. 

Viscount White Granite Tile

5. Imperial White Granite

Although Imperial White Granite is categorized under white natural stones, it has a neutral appearance. The stone is filled with pink and grey spots all over giving an exceptional look. Thanks to their versatile look, these white granite tiles (Weiße Granitfliesen) are abundantly used by homeowners and commercial property owners for various applications.

Types of Granite Finishes Available At MMGL For High Traffic Areas

Choosing the right kind of finishing for your flooring or any other application is crucial for your white granite tiles. At MMGL, there are a variety of finishes that are available for white granite (Weiße Granit). However, you should opt for a finish that will come in handy in terms of functionality. In this case, a brushed finish will be the best option. It is smooth to the touch but appears worn. Also, a honed finish that has a matte appearance is recommended for high-traffic areas. You can opt for a finish that best suits your style. 

Granite tiles suppliers

For detailed information on natural stone finishes offered by MMGL, check out our previous blog.

Granite Tile Sizes Available At MMGL

The size of granite tiles matters a lot and it is important to choose the right size of tiles depending on the need. At MMGL, the following are the standard sizes available for white granite tiles and slabs:

  1. 610 × 305 × 10 mm
  2. 600 × 400 × 15 mm
  3. 400 × 400 × 15 mm
  4. 600 × 300 × 20 mm
  5. 600 x 600 × 20 mm
  6. 610 × 610 × 15 mm
  7. 305 × 305 × 10 mm

Also, these slabs and tiles are available in XL sizes which are suitable for commercial projects.

Discover A Wide Range Of White Granite Tiles & Slabs At MMGL

MMGL is one of the leading granite suppliers (Granitlieferanten) around the globe. We have a collection of granite tiles that can be used for almost any kind of application. Be it flooring, countertops, backsplashes, accents, or any other decor uses. 

We offer tailor-made solutions for any natural stone of your choice. Our products are available in tiles, slabs, and blocks form. Tell us your design requirements and we are here to meet the needs with perfection.

Check our pages for more information about the tiles and other stones at a fair price. 

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