Indian Granite vs Chinese Granite – Detailed Comparison

Granite is the most durable stone, highly manufactured in India and China. However, as per the latest situations, people prefer to buy Indian Granite and are boycotting the Chinese variety. So, they are choosing Indian stones from manufacturers that resemble Chinese ones.

For those customers who love to embellish their home with granites, Madhav Marble supplies the best granite in India and worldwide too. So, let’s try to understand some distinctive features of the Indian Granite that make it a better choice than the Chinese one.

Reasons that Make Indian Granite More Popular than Chinese Granite  

The four major reasons due to which these granites have gained the trust of customers from all around the world are discussed below. Read further for a better understanding of the qualitative differences in the features of both Chinese and Indian granite.  

This guide will help you to make a smart purchase for your upcoming residential or commercial project.

1. Granite Strength and Durability  

More than anything else, the strength of granite makes it a perfect construction material. So, buying a granite stone that lacks durability would be the last thing that anybody wants while renovating or constructing their home. It is exactly where Indian granite scores better than Chinese granite.

Sometimes, people get carried away with the lower pricing of Chinese granite. However, the fact that Chinese granite comes with a natural hairline crack must not be overlooked. In contrast, if you choose Indian granite, your investment becomes worthwhile, as you can rest assured that it will last longer and remain damage-free.

2. Color Richness and Elegance  

Granite is known for its elegant and captivating colors, showcasing versatile hues due to the presence of minerals. There is no doubt that people are attracted to granite because of its rich color. It imparts a gorgeous look both in interior and exterior decor.

Here also, Indian granite has more demands due to the easy availability of vibrant colors than Chinese granite. Buyers of Indian granite can expect eye-catching varieties, having gold, brown, beige, white, jet black, and even more rich colors.

3. Luster and Defects  

The long-lasting shine and the ability to withstand the test of time make granite a valuable stone. However, its luster must be original, which is only possible when the granite is extracted defect-free from nature itself.

Unlike superficial Chinese granite, which is quarried from seismically active zones, Indian stone originally has a lustrous design. Because it is extracted without any cracks and doesn’t require any oiling as a concealer. So, it remains perfectly glossy throughout its lifetime.

4. Staining  

Chinese granite has a water-absorbing and porous nature, which makes it comparably more prone to staining than Indian granite.

Indian Stones that Resemble Chinese Granite  

You don’t have to lose your heart if you would like to have Chinese granite options, as well. Because Indian granite also has some varieties offered that serve as better substitutes than Chinese granite. Madhav is a top supplier of south Indian granite stones. To know what makes us best in detail, check this detailed blog on Madhav Marbles & Granite: Top Manufacturer And Supplier Of South Indian Granite. Here are the top three alternatives that will cheer up the admirers of Chinese granite.

1. Black Pearl Granite  

Black Pearl among Indian granite stones gives a tough competition to China’s bestseller, Pearl Black granite. Its beautiful silver veining highlighted over a backdrop gives Black Pearl an even better appearance and proved to be elegant both for interior and exterior decor.

When installed into kitchen countertops, floor tiles, or vanity units, this best complements the light-toned interiors. People often prefer Black Pearl granite for garden edging that accentuates the flowers even better.

Black Pearl Granite

2. Meera White  

Another name among Indian granite stones that is leaving behind the Chinese granite is Meera White granite. Whether you are looking for a granite variety that uplifts your space or adds an elegant touch to your workspace, it works the best.

Hence, to create a fascinating and alluring ambiance with Indian granite to your residential or commercial decor, look no further than Meera White.

3. New Imperial Red  

One of the most vibrant and versatile Indian granite stones, which the designers and architects prefer is the New Imperial Red. It comes in a brown shade as its base, fused with red and peach-colored speckles. Furthermore, it consists of deep red, brown, and black granules that make its appearance even more appealing.

Its extreme durability along with mesmerizing hues makes it a preferred choice over Chinese granite. Moreover, its simplicity along with elegance makes it stand out in the crowd.

New Imperial Red Granite

Madhav Marbles – The Best Granite Exporter   

Madhav Marbles has been in the business of exporting exceptionally high-quality Indian granite since 1989, which makes us a trusted supplier. We believe in providing the utmost satisfaction to our customers, by providing quality granite to meet their expectations, in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Besides the above-mentioned Indian granite stones, we have many more, like Imperial White, Colonial Gold, etc., that can win over Chinese granite.

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