Granite has long been considered as the queen of natural stone. Its exemplary features make it a popular choice for both commercial and residential purposes. The stone is available in different shades so that it can turn your room from a boring space into something elegant and aesthetically appealing. 

Large granite tiles work wonders when installed in the interior of any project. It turns any decor into exceptional masterpieces. In this modern world, you can add class and style to any space, by just upgrading them with highly finished tiles. Large granite tiles can help you meet your design preferences since they can blend easily with any theme. Also, they will make a statement in whatever space they are applied.

If you are looking to remodel your space with some sustainable material, high-definition stone, granite should be at the top of your list. If you are wondering what changes these large granite tiles will bring to your space, Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd. is here to help you discover a few convincing advantages to use these tiles in your next remodeling project. 

Benefits Of Using Large Granite Tiles

1. The material becomes more visible

If you pay attention to its details then going bigger is a good idea. Opting for large granite tiles will draw more attention to the look and feel of the stone. The best part is that the stone is these large granite tiles are available in several patterns and colors and is widely used as building materials. Thus, it can easily showcase every streak and vein of the variety of granite tiles. Madhav Marble & Granite is a leading granite stone supplier that can make this possible. 

2. Contributes to a modern look 

Large granite tiles automatically add a sleek design making space look modern. Also, with the advent of technological advances, it has become quite easy to have digital printing of granite tiles that can emphasize its material’s look. You can install the same large granite tiles for flooring as well as wall cladding to create a more subtle look. Can also check with local granite stone exporters to have digital printing embossed on your stone. 

3. The tiles are sleek 

Did you know that the larger the granite tile the easier it is to blend with the decor? Once the grout lines are smoothened, they appear to be sleek and luxurious. The Polished granite calibrated tiles are sleekier than other varieties.

4. Offers layout for different flooring areas

You can use different sizes of large granite tiles to plot the flooring. This is a good idea, especially for the restroom area. For instance, you can use large tiles on the flooring while smaller tiles can be used in the shower area. The best part is that you can choose different tile patterns and designs. Or if you want to play safe you can use a homogenous tile size.

5. Transforms the appearance

Installing the large size of tiles can change the whole appearance of the room and make your space look more enlarged. In such cases, you can create an illusion of a large space by using sustainable large granite tiles. This is because these tiles are more streamlined than small-sized tiles. The trick is to ensure that the tile is not larger than the flooring and is balanced. 

6. Requires less cleaning of grout lines

The larger the granite tile the less the appearance of grout lines. This is because large tiles have more flooring coverage and have a uniform appearance. Large granite tiles are a good option for your wall cladding since they will create a wallpaper illusion. Besides, this granite is a durable stone and you don’t have to worry about replacing it at least for a few decades.  

7. Beautifully matches with the walls

If you opt for a modern or contemporary look, you can mix and match the flooring material with the wall. As mentioned earlier it will create a uniform and sleek look. Also with fewer grout lines, large granite tiles will complement the design of the room with a uniform appearance. 

8. Generates contrast

Large granite tiles give you the chance to create contrast while adding texture to any room. For instance, you can opt for a dark countertop in the kitchen and in contrast to it can opt for light-coloured cabinets or backsplash to create a unique blend. This a good idea for a minimalist design approach. You can consult with top granite stone suppliers to achieve this minimalistic look.

Find The Best Quality Large Granite Tiles At Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd. 

Madhav Marbles & Granites (MMGL) has always remained the one-stop destination for property owners to bring their dream interiors and exteriors into reality. We have our world-class quarries and equipment to fulfil even the most impossible-looking projects. 

If you’ve already begun your hunt to find the best large granite tiles, take a peek here first. 

1. Bengal Black – This variety offers a dense black background randomly covered with sparkling white grains. If you are planning to revamp your space with this classic black, you might love this stone.

2. Colombo Granite – This is a multicolor granite with beige, grey and black colors blending to provide a wavy pattern. The look of the pattern and veining enhanced more when used in the form of large granite tiles.

3. Black Galaxy – The stone is a gold version of Bengal Black and its black base is decorated with tiny silver and gold specks. The beauty of the stone is such that it mimics the look of a clear night sky. 

Large Granite Tiles

4. Imperial White Granite – One of the most sought-after neutral granite varieties, Imperial White Granite. The combination of beige and grey gives a gentle look and feel that adds warmth to any space. 

5. Kashmir Cream – Granite is popularly used in architectural projects around the globe. The gold and cream color stone is a perfect match for both traditional and contemporary properties. 

Granite Tile Exporters

6. Steel GreyThis stone offers different shades of grey embellished with light grey specks over it. Its steely look can add a touch of sophistication and luxury to modern homes. 

Granite Tiles for Flooring

7. Titanium – One of the most elegant natural stones, the large granite tiles could easily mesmerize a viewer, when installed in any space. Thanks to its distinct veining of greys, blacks, golds, creams, and ivory. 

The list goes on at MMGL. To explore more granite varieties, head to our website and pick your choice. We are here to customize any natural stone for you!

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