Indian Stones’ Fame in Germany 
India and Germany are one of the largest and most flourishing economies of the world and both the countries are involved in a number of trades as well. One among them is of Indian Stones. Germany is one of the biggest importers of stones from India or in other words, we can say, Germany is a big fan of Indian Stones. 

There are a number of Indian stones which are exported from various parts of India to Germany. Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd supplies a number of Indian stones to Germany like Colombo Juparana, Viscount White, Absolute Black, the Black Galaxy, Steel Grey, and Kuppam green due to the immense popularity of these stones there. 

One more reason why Germany imports Granites from India is that they also just like us use these natural Indian Stones for a number of reasons like flooring, wall cladding, bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, and also to build various statues and memorials. 

Which Indian Stones Do Germans Prefer?

Mostly, Germany imports mainly 3 natural Indian stones:


This is a type of simply lavishly and richly coloured green marble. The most exquisite feature of this Indian stone is that it is so dark in colour and yet so sober and sophisticated that it is most of the time used for the interior ( Innere)of the house also. This is available in various sizes and if you want to enjoy the elegance of this Indian stone, then you can get this at Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd as they are the leading Indian stone suppliers.


This Indian stone is usually a mixture of a number of vibrant colours, shades, and tones that almost just looks like you have laid a rainbow on the floor. So lot of Germans are interested in Colombo Juparana Indian stone and Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is one the leading suppliers of this stone. 

Colombo Juparana - Consumer’s Choice


Viscount White is also one of the most soberly shaded white-toned pieces of Indian stone that the Germans just cannot resist. Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is an ace supplier of this stone and most of the time, the Germans use it for installing this Indian Stone as countertops for office and kitchen (Küche) and also for gracing their place with the brightness and positivity of the white color. Besides, this white-shaded Indian stone has cooling properties so mostly it is also used for flooring purposes in areas that are relatively open and more exposed to heat. 


Now, who can deny the charm of bold black? As it is very well said, “Once you go black, you can never go back.” Similar is the case with this beautifully shaded black coloured Indian stone that Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd exports to Germany. This stone is so shiny and glossy that it can infuse class and sophistication in any space where one might choose to get it installed. In fact, if you even choose to install it in pieces and not as complete flooring, then they can be a very good choice for making countertops (arbeitsplatten) in the kitchen and offices. So, just this Absolute Black will add magic to your space and steal the show. 

Absolute Black Granite


Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd also supplies one of the shiniest and glossy Indian stones known as the black pearl. In our opinion, black pearls are way more beautiful than absolute black because this Indian stone gives an impression as if there are thousands of stars shining in your house in the dark. If you install this in your false ceilings, every time you look up, you will have a similar impression. This is the reason why this Indian stone is the most favorite choice of the German stone importers. 


This Indian stone is again one of the best choices especially for those who love the colour of nature – green. As we are gradually moving towards creating a concrete world for ourselves, it will be best to have a tint of natural colour infused within the interiors of your house. This is the reason that Germans prefer this natural greenish-toned Kuppam Green Indian stone which Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is an exporter of.

Kuppam Green Granite

Madhav Marbles- The Leading Granite Exporters in Germany

Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd is a leading supplier of granite in areas of Germany. Not only in Germany, but it also exports its stones to various regions Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, along with other parts of the world. Browse through the Large Granite Tiles’ extensive collection at Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd, which can make an excellent choice in Germany.

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