Looking at the title, one might wonder what possibly might be there of the relationship between an airport terminal and a natural stone. They seem hilarious and unrelated to each other, right? 

But that is where the whole idea comes into play. As we all are aware that airport terminals are such areas that witness a high footfall and some of it is in fact VIP too. Considering this case, one needs to understand the importance of having a spacious place reserved in the airport waiting area.  A place where most of the passengers arrive at and depart from a city,  waiting for their respective flights. So one thing is obvious that the area needs to be highly relaxing, decorated, and classy to maintain its dignity. As the majority of us now use trolley bags for carrying our luggage, the airport floorings need to be as smooth as butter. 

Also, you must have witnessed that the airports have the most amazing floors – the ones which are regularly maintained and polished (poliert) as well for ensuring the ease in dragging the luggage from one point to another. But as this is a fact, another fact as true as the universe is that the cost of maintaining and regularly polishing the floors of the airport terminals needs to be regulated. As the airport terminals are also exposed to heavy airplanes landing and taking off every now and then, the repairing needs to perform immediately if any damages occur.

So considering all these factors, we can say that choosing natural stones for airport terminals is the best option. As most of the natural stones (Naturstein) are easily available and also come at affordable rates, there are many other advantages of constructing airport terminals using natural stone. 

Best Natural Stone Flooring Options For Airport

However, choosing the correct natural stone at the airports is also equally necessary and that becomes one of the most challenging tasks for the team in charge of construction. Therefore, while working on this type of project, it is essential to select a suitable natural stone. The natural stone selected for this purpose should be unique and must be able to withstand high foot traffic as well as constantly demanding maintenance. In addition, airport terminals tend to be open spaces with large surfaces, which means that it is necessary to foresee sufficient supply in terms of timing as well as quantities and a meticulous classification of the stones as per the requirements by the supplier. 

Considering all these points, the best natural stones that can be used at the airport terminals are granite, marble, and sandstone – sandstone, which can be used for both internal and external flooring at the airport. 

These kinds of natural stones (Naturstein) need to have maximum or at least sufficient physical and mechanical tendencies to resist abrasion and ensure absorption. For airport terminals, the building (bau) contractor also has to be extremely vigilant of the textures and finishes used in construction (konstruktion) because the comfort and safety of the passengers depend on it.

The terminals are meeting places which witness many activities, many people, number of flights landing and taking off for both pleasure and work. They are spaces of welcome and farewell. All known social and cultural fields pass by them. They represent small towns as well big. So without any doubts it is one of the most significantly challenging tasks for a designer to choose which natural stone would be best suited for the purpose. 

What Is The Best Stone Suitable?

Well, now that we understand the significance of the natural stones for flooring on the airport, we need to understand what are the types of floorings that an airport might cater to using natural stones. 

  1. Granite stone is among the most durable flooring options available, making it perfect for airports (Flughafen) that see foot and wheel traffic all the time. Besides, granite has an infinite range of designs and is also available in a variety of color options. Its Imperial white, Steel Grey, Bengal black, Bengal White, Viscount White are some of the popular stones used in airports.
  2. Marble stone for flooring is one of the hardest flooring materials available using natural stones. It is highly appealing and resistant to high foot and wheel falls. Its Rainforest Green, Fantasy Brown are some of the popular stones.

However, other flooring options that do not use natural stones include LVT floors, Rubber floors (boden), and natural hardwood floors but they are not as strong and popular as natural stones. This is so because granite comes in various finishes, that one might not get from other materials. 

Who Can Give The Best Quality Natural Stone?

Madhav Marbles is one of the leading natural stone suppliers. Its granite and sandstone act as a one-man-army for all your flooring needs. Madhav Marble and Granite Ltd is a top supplier of granite, calibrated granite tiles (fliesen), marble tiles, and sandstone. It possesses all the qualities that the flooring options of the airport must-have. So next time, when you want to make your floors look alike the floors of an airport i.e., aesthetic, smooth, and sturdy Madhav Marble is a place you all must look for!

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