​​Granite has been widely used for many years now, being one of the most appreciated materials used in interior design due to the combination of its strength, elegant look, and the availability of a wide range of colors and polished faces. However, the latest trend for using XL granite is that there is much more worry about using it in the outside area. These products are extremely splendid and versatile large-format tiles that provide multiple advantages that help define beautiful and durable outside areas.

Why Choose XL Granite for Outdoor Applications?

There are several compelling reasons why XL granite is becoming a popular trend for outdoor use:

  1. Durability: Granite has a very high ranking on the measure of the hardness scale and therefore it cannot easily be scratched or chipped or cracked. This durability is particularly relevant where the mats are placed in areas such as outside the door of buildings which are always exposed to weather and traffic.
  2. Low Maintenance: This is one major advantage because, unlike wooden floors or any other organic material, granite does not need any polishing. It is stain-proof and can be washed with, for instance, a vinegar solution or soapy water.
  3. Weather Resistance: There is no need for structural change since granite is immune to high and low temperatures as well as ultraviolet rays, making it suitable for use in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. It won’t turn a horrible shade or split in the sun, meaning that your garden will look gorgeous for as long as you want it to.
  4. Versatility: Of the XL granite series, there are several colors, textures, styles, and surfaces available, this makes it possible for you to consider an excellent design for the patio, the walkway, or the pool deck. Madhav Marbles specializing in XL granite tiles provides a large choice of tiles for customers such as Black Galaxy, Colombo Juprana, Ivory Brown, Kashmir Cream, Meera White, Steel Grey Giano, Viscount White, and so on. Available finishes of these granites include polished, honed, flamed, and leathered; all of which give extra synergy towards the overall design of an outside project.
  5. Large Format Advantage: Large format granite tiles of XL size ranging 1200 x 600mm or more are preferred over the small format tiles In the following ways: Fewer grout lines give way to a smooth surface and a larger visual area since the wearer’s eyes do not focus on the joints but rather on the whole artwork; it also means less work is needed in the long run. China large format tiles also assist in providing your outdoor areas the look and feel of modern and opulent living.
XL Granite tiles

Applications for XL Granite Outdoors

XL granite tiles are perfect for outdoor installations and can give your area a beautiful and practical appearance, making it an additional residential living area. Here are some popular ideas:

  1. Patios and Pool Decks: Since XL granite is impervious to weather elements and wear and tear, Australian homes should consider the flooring for their patios and pool decks. Nothing beats the durability of granite in bearing heavy foot traffic, chemicals used in pools, and even unfavorable weather to keep your outdoors nice for use all through the years.
  2. Walkways and Driveways: XL granite pavers are suitable for the entryway or elegant designing your garden paths for home decoration. By its very nature, granite is a surface that is not slippery and thus perfectly safe to use in areas such as near swimming pools or in areas that are prone to [rain] moisture.
  3. Outdoor Countertops: ​​Granite countertops can also provide premier and elegance to the aesthetics of an outdoor kitchen or bar. Usefully they are appropriate for preparing food and beverages when you or your guests are enjoying the fresh air outside.

Design Considerations for Using XL Granite Outdoors

When using XL granite for outdoor applications, there are a few design considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Climate: Despite the fact that most granites available in the market are resistant to weather elements, it is recommended that the buyers opt for a type of granite that will serve best in their climatic conditions. For instance, some types of granites might be somewhat more prone to cracking when exposed to a drastic temperature difference.
  2. Surface Finish: The surface finish of the granite will affect its slip resistance. A honed or flamed finish will provide a more textured surface with better traction, which is important for areas around pools or walkways that may become wet.
  3. This will mean that the texture of the granite or the way the surface of the granite has been done will determine its slipperiness. The honed or flamed finish will then create an even rougher surface that will give better traction, particularly in areas that are likely to turn wet such as restrooms featuring bathtubs or even pathways.
  4. Drainage: Any area outside the house that applies the granite tiles requires proper drainage to avoid expansion of the granite tiles. The fabric sub-base should be properly graded in order to facilitate proper drainage of water away from the surface of the tiles.
XL Granite tiles


Through this trend watching, it can be greatly observed that XL granite is also greatly suitable for outdoor uses, therefore implying many advantages. Due to features such as durability, weather resistivity, and ease of maintenance, XL granite could be useful if you are designing an outdoor living space, the provision of which promises to be one of the standout features of luxury homes in the future. , Contact Madhav Marbles now as we claim to be a supplier of XL granite tiles in different colors, finishes, and sizes, and we can be your go-to company for your spacious dream outdoor projects.

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