Interior designers choose granite for construction and remodelling projects without any hesitation. Have you ever wondered why? Because it is durable, beautiful, affordable and exists in a wide range of colours and patterns. A lot of owners will consider choosing the latter as it will have a big impact on the interior design of any space. However, what many fail to prioritize is the texture and sheen of granite tiles before installing them in their space.

Did you know that there are different types of granite finishes? The four most popular finishes in which Granite is widely used in all projects are polished, honed, leather, and flamed. However, with the advent of technology, there are other types of finishes also available such as sandblasted, bush-hammered, sawn, tumbled, and impression. Each granite finish (Granit-Finish) will give your space a distinct feel and look that’s why it’s important to choose the right finish for your decor. Also, it is important to choose a finish depending upon the functionality of the place you are installing them. 

Here is a bit more information about granite finishes and which works best for specific spaces. 

Granite Finish Options Available At Madhav Marbles & Granite 

Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd is one of the leading granite stone suppliers globally. We have a wide range of granite tiles available in a different colour, patterns, and finishes. The best part is that each tile is mined and produced at high quality. Being an established company and serving as a leading manufacturer for 31 years, we have granite stone available in 6 types of finishes at our company. These include polished, leather, honed, caressed, flamed, and brushed finish. 

Let’s look at each one in detail.

1. Polished granite finish 

Polished granite is the most popular form of granite finish in the market. The tiles are buffed with polishing pads which give them shiny, glossy, and a mirror-like appearance. If you are looking for a stone with a classy and opulent look, then opt for a polished finish. The surface of the granite tile will appear darker and richer since the polished finish adds depth to the stone. There are a lot of hues to choose from, ranging from black, white, and grey. This finish works best for restrooms, kitchen countertops and islands. Almost every granite tile (Granitfliese)

 available at MMGL has a finished look whether you choose Black Galaxy and Bengal white, or its other range.

granite finish

2. Honed granite finish

This type of finish refers to the surface being buffed with abrasive pads such that it has a matte look. The granite tiles will have a more natural texture and look in any space. However, these tiles work best in non-slip resistant areas or areas with high traffic. Thus, this type of granite tile is best for flooring purposes. For instance, honed Steel Grey Granite tiles can be great to serve this purpose. 

honed finish

3. Leather granite finish

A leather finish refers to a surface with a smooth matte-like appearance. In this case, the surface is smooth like a polished one but it is non-reflective. You can choose this finish for your kitchen countertops because they will be easier to clean. For instance, the Cielo Ivory White granite tiles are among the granite tiles with a leather finish. It is suitable not only for countertops but also for flooring and wall cladding purposes. 

leather finish

4. Caressed granite finish

Imagine adding some shine on a leather granite finish tile? The raised surfaces are buffed with smooth pads to add some sheen to them. The caressed finish appears a bit rugged while still looking elegant when installed. You can use this type of granite tile finish in areas susceptible to moisture. This is because the raised part which is smoothened will have the pores sealed. For instance, Black Galaxy granite with a caressed finish can be applied in the restroom areas. The shimmering white streaks on the black background will give the space a cosmic feel. 

5. Flamed granite finish

Did you know that granite is the only natural stone that comes with a flamed finish? It is the only stone that can sustain high heat. Bengal Black Granite tiles with a flamed finish is a good stone for exterior application.

flamed finish

6. Brushed granite finish

This kind of finish has a texture on its surface. It is a bit smooth without any sheen to it. It is highly resistant to scratch. So, it can work amazingly for both interiors and exteriors. For instance, Imperial White Granite tiles with a brushed finish can transform the look of any space into an astonishing one. 

Check Out Tiles & Slabs Of Different Sizes At MMGL 

Madhav Marbles & Granites Limited is a well-known name in the natural stone ( Naturstein )

  industry. We are one of the top granite stone suppliers (Granitstein Lieferanten) that provide tailor-made natural stone products. 

Whether it is marble or granite, we offer customization services for each stone. You can choose the size, thickness, finish of the variety you choose to match it with your design requirements as well as budget. 

If you are looking to consult a granite supplier (Granit Lieferanten to understand which granite finish is best for your project, reach out to us. We are here to answer your queries and give you the best solution! 

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