Marble stone flooring is something that everyone loves. It is durable, looks ravishing, and most importantly it is very easy to afford. The beauty of marble flooring is not something that you can ignore for too long. Marble floors are very soothing, trendy, and low maintenance. When it comes to choosing the flooring of a house or any other interiors, we come across numerous options but marble flooring is best of all. 

Marble tiles are undoubtedly the best flooring trend of recent times. And we believe it is here to stay for long. If you are in awe of this trend as much as we are, and looking for good options then keep on reading. Here are the top 5 colors of Marble Flooring that you can pick!

Top 5 Colors For Marble Flooring

White Marble

The classic white marble is one color that you cannot resist having. White color marble tiles look very elegant and add richness to any interior effortlessly, just ask any supplier of natural stones. The good thing about white color marble stone flooring is it is perfect for personal and professional spaces. If you want to give the illusion of your space being bigger than usual then white marble stone flooring can do wonders for you. 

White Marble Stone

Green Marble 

The green marble stone flooring fills any space with pure natural energies. The color like Rainforest Green or Green Onyx in marble flooring looks very calming and it is perfect for people who love subtle natural feels. You can purchase green marble in different shades ranging from light to dark from any marble stone suppliers. Besides flooring, you can also use green marble for wall cladding, restrooms, and kitchen spaces.

Golden Marble 

This is indeed one of the classiest colors you can choose to have in marble stone flooring. If you are looking for something unique in flooring ideas then gold color marble like Rainforest Gold can be the right option for you. Having this as a flooring option can fill any residential or commercial space with radiance and grace easily. Gold Marble flooring keeps your space bright as it is good at reflecting light. 

Pink Marble 

Pink marble flooring is best to have when you are looking for luxurious interior options. Pink marble stone symbolizes royalty and comes in unique patterns so you can have the freedom of using them in different ways. Like other marble varieties, you can purchase this marble variety from exporters of marble stones in different shades, weights, and sizes. 

Brown Marble 

Brown color in marble stone flooring is indeed a very good option. This color allows you to make choices with interiors that are pleasing and rare at the same time. The best thing about marble tiles in Brown color is you can get them in different light and dark shades with various stripes size easily from the popular natural stone suppliers around you. 

Marble Stone Flooring

Tips To Choose The Right Marble Stone For Your Space

Pick The Right Color

Sometimes the color of marble stone flooring plays an important role. This is because color decides how your place will look. If you are buying marble tiles for outdoor spaces, then you can go with dark colors. And for indoor, smaller, or poorly lit places you must choose marbles tiles in light colors.

Enquire About Slip Resistance

Marble stone flooring is indeed the best one you can choose. But sometimes it can be a little troublesome because of its highly polished and smooth surface. Before you purchase marble tiles make sure you know their slip resistance. If your space is commercial and expects a large foot-traffic, then choose marble flooring with medium polishing. And if you are using it for personal spaces, then highly polished marble flooring will be right for you. 

Maintenance Structure

Before buying any marble stone flooring, it is important to know about the procedure of maintaining them. It is always suggested to purchase marble tiles that are easy to clean and require less or low-cost maintenance. You can get these from the top marble suppliers in India.

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