From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, and office desks, natural stones have become prominent in this century. You see them widely in use around you. Among these, the marble, particularly, has found its way everywhere. And so far, marble decor is undoubtedly one that would lift your space from simple to aesthetic.

Greater Benefits… 

Durability: Marble will not wear out, and it is pretty easy to maintain. With marble, you are sure to have the same quality you started with after many years. 

Fire-Resistant: In the event of a fire outbreak, marble will be of advantage. It will not aid in the spread of the fire as opposed to wood materials in the office. 

Heat-Resistant: Marble stays cool, even when used in places with high temperatures. So, is your office located in hot regions? Then all the more reason to go for marble decor.

Affordability: Given the classy nature of marble, you might think that it’s expensive. But the good news is, among the array of natural stones, marble is the cheapest. 

How Can You Incorporate Marble Decor into Your Office Space? 

For Your Floors

Have you ever walked on a marble-tiled floor? If yes, then you know how gorgeous it looks and you shouldn’t be left out from having your office floor in marble too. You could choose to cover the whole room floor in marble. You could also select a section. Either way, you will get a more spacious and elegant look in your office with marble decor. 

As Furniture

You can change the face of your office by adding marble to your tabletops. There are no exceptions to the tables. Your conference tables, desks, receptionist’s table, all can have marble as their surfaces. 

Marble Decor

On Your Walls

If you do not want marble as your floor, you can make it your wall. Pick a section of your office, then go from the top to the floor with any marble variety. Afterward, incorporate a shelf on that side of your office. 

Its addition will serve as an extra space while also adding a crisp ambiance to your office.

As Office Accessories 

Here, we do not mean your necklace or wristwatch. But those elements that make your office space elaborate. Marble decor will bring more beauty and sophistication to space. 

First, your flowers can flaunt with marble so you should get a marble flower vase. Next, your desk nameplate can stop looking stereotypical and take the marble look. Other elements you can incorporate are trays for keeping your desk organized. Also, marble blocks for holding pens and books look refined. 

As Wall Name Plates 

Another way to add marble decor to your office is through nameplates that go on the wall. It could be the name indicating the next office, placed right beside the door. Or it could be the directions to a room. It could also be the name of the founder, or patrons of the office. Whichever it is, you are assured, with marble, of the longevity of such nameplates.

Finally, you know the different ways of bringing marble into your office. Whichever way you choose to make use of it, you will get to achieve the same alluring elegance. And with all the benefits, there is no reason not to invest in your office marble decor today. 

Marble Stone

Madhav Marbles & Granites – The Place To Meet All Your Marble Decor Dreams

Madhav Marbles & Granites is a decades-old leader in manufacturing. We are the superior quality granite and marble stones suppliers in India. Whether you need it in tiles, slabs, or any custom-form – we have it all. From a huge collection of different colors and patterns here are some of the most fancied varieties across the world. 

Brown Fantasy – This marble variety displays brown and blue veinings that artistically run through the creamy white background. The look and feel of this stone can add rejuvenating aesthetics to your office space. 

Green Onyx – Or, if you are more of a nature enthusiast looking to add the freshness of greens, go for Green Onyx marble. A green base adorned with patterns of darker shades shows off an attractive look. It can be a great fit as a tabletop. 

Rainforest Brown – Love a more dynamic look? Rainforest Brown marble can amaze you with its conspicuous veining that is reminiscent of a tree branch. Dark brown veins spread in the form of branches across a light brown backdrop. The stone is a perfect decorative element for an accent wall.  

Looking for marble varieties in other colors like white, pink, or neutral shades? Explore the collections on our website.

And if you are planning to introduce a bespoke marble decor to your office? Contact us! 

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