Before granite wall cladding was introduced, walls were often left bare or painted. But gradually, architectural engineers began to clad walls. The evolution started with wall cladding for exterior facades only. It was first for aesthetic and visual art purposes. Wall cladding made it possible to explore different designs, patterns, and textures on the exterior wall surfaces. 

Back then, glass was the primary material used in wall cladding. But now, there are a variety of materials, engineers can use. Not only for exterior spaces but also the interior ones. These materials include wood, bricks, glass, and natural stones such as granite.

The reason for wall cladding then moved from just enhancing the appeal to protection and safety. 

Why Wall Cladding? 

Beautifies Your Space

First of all, wherever you find a wall clad, you will see there is always a decorative appeal to space. Plus, wall cladding is beautiful, no matter the type of material you choose to use. You can bring your idea of a decoration to life through wall cladding.

For example, if you desire to have a bold and modern aesthetic, black granite wall cladding using the Absolute Black granite below is a great option to choose from the wide range.

Black Granite Slab

Or, if you want a natural or rustic feel, you can go for the greenstone. You can go ahead to pair it with some natural flowers.

If you wish to enhance the overall look of your place, granite wall cladding is what you need. From your exterior walls to certain spots within your home, wall cladding will bring a better look to your space.

Affords You The Proper Protection

Aside from the beauty that wall cladding offers, it also gives protection. 

  • It protects the wall from weather extremities. Hot weather can cause bare walls to whiten, while cold weather can lead to organism growth on the walls. 
  • It protects the wall from pollution.
  • It protects the wall from cracks and other damages to the wall.
  • It provides proper insulation from heat and noise when used inside the home.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Also, the wall cladding is easy to maintain. Natural stones like granite have a history of longevity. They can last as long as you want, without breaking. They are heat-resistant and durable. You only need to clean it with water to restore its clean and shiny look. 

Where Can Granite Wall Cladding Be Used?

1. Exterior walls

The walls of your exterior can stand out by adding some granite to the walls. Granite can resist moisture, making it an excellent choice for your exterior walls.

2. Kitchen

Granite wall cladding will ensure that your kitchen walls remain clean and hygienic. Also, if your barbeque area is in the kitchen, Viscount Waves is a smart choice for the area. The stone not only adds to soothing aesthetics but its white color helps you in keeping a check on any dirt or mess. 

Granite Wall Cladding For Interiors

And just as any granite does, it will provide insulation and cut the costs of your energy bills. 

3. Living Room

There are various ways you can add granite wall clad to your living room. You can add it to the fireplace, can add to one big wall section of the room. And if you choose to add it to one wall, you can go for light colors like the Greenstone Granite in contrast with dark-painted walls. 

4. Bedroom

Your bedroom can go from zero to perfect when you use some granite wall cladding as your bed head. It can help transform the look and make you feel amazing whenever you enter for a good night’s sleep. 

5. Bathroom

You can choose the Royal Ivory granite wall cladding for your bathroom wall. This will give it a cool feel. Plus, it will protect the space from bacterial growth.

6. Outdoor Spaces

Spaces outside the home which need a touch of granite wall cladding include the balcony, patio, driveway, and swimming pool. The Blue Pearl Granite will make the look and feel of the pool like the ocean.

Now you know all the places where you can have the granite wall cladding. And even all the benefits that come with it. Nothing can stop you now from adding this perfect and affordable stone to your home to beautify your space. 

Why Should You Choose Madhav Marbles And Granites? 

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