Are you planning to remodel your home but you are over with colors? Then why not opt for black home decor? A little secret that you should know; black is beautiful. Let’s take it further a note and incorporate black granite in your home. This may just be the best thing you will do for your home space. 

Granite is a must-have natural stone for most homeowners. Its durability, versatility, and different color hues make it compatible with most house decors. Black granite is a powerful natural stone that can add a spectacular design with a unique look to your space. 

Also, it will accentuate other colors while creating a sense of depth in different applications. However, you must treat the granite-like other varieties of granite despite its dark color. Spills and stains need cleaning. 

black granite

Tips To Incorporate Black Granite Into Your Home

1. Classical Approach

It is without a doubt that black and white marry each other perfectly. You can opt for a white-dominated kitchen with black applications. Take, for instance, the popular Absolute Black Granite stone from the natural stone suppliers, Madhav Marbles & Granites. Its plain black base would match perfectly with white surfaces. 

2. Black Coated Appliances

Black don’t crack is a phrase you will come to hear so often if you opt for a monochromatic approach. The idea is to use black granite in your countertop, shelves, and faucets against a reflective white flooring. The best part is that the dark color will hide all the stains, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 

3. Black Is King

Black granite creates a powerful and unique design if used in the right way. A lot of traditional homeowners will avoid using it since they think it will dim the atmosphere of the home. But with the right application, it can make your living space classy. 

Black Granite Wall Cladding

4. Mural of colors

When black granite is combined with other colours, it creates a beautiful design. For instance, you can opt for black granite tiles from the top granite stone suppliers in India, mixed with blue tiles and marble tiles for your exterior decor. You can complete the look by polishing them to ensure they shine.  

5. Don’t Get Confused About Choosing The Right Shade

Did you know that there are different colour hues of black granite? In India, the most common are dark black while the other one incorporates grey. However, you can add texture in your space by combining the various black granite varieties. The results can be quite pleasing and elegant. But opt for the best style and design. One of the best examples is Black Forest Granite. The stone has a dark grey background that is embellished with white veins that make it look sophisticated and elegant. 

6. Black Decor

Black granite can be integrated elegantly in any home area. It doesn’t matter if the living space is small or big. You can decorate your home using it seamlessly. If you love the grey shade, Spice Black granite can be a great option. The stone doesn’t give the pitch black feeling while being rather subtle. 

How Black Granite Can Enhance Your Home Aesthetics

If you have decided to apply black granite as part of your home decor then this article is ideal for you. Read on to know some of the best ways to flaunt this stone in your home decor! 

7. Black Bathrooms

If you still think that black will make your home look dim and depressing then think again. For a more unique look choose black granite showers in your bathroom instead of the typical countertops. You can go with Black Galaxy Granite that mimics the twinkling night sky. You can get it from Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd., the top granite exporters and suppliers. The shower of your bathroom will transform into stunning visuals that give you satisfaction beyond a relaxing spa. 

8. Black Granite Staircase

Granite is generally a good natural stone for your staircase. It is resistant to allergens, heat and water. Also, it is easy to install and pocket friendly. However, you can take it a notch higher by choosing black granite for your staircase. It adds the sense of style and elegance you won’t find in any other home.

Leading Suppliers Of Black Granite

9. Black Granite Wall Cladding

There is no better way of showing off your sense of style than using black accent walls. They create an ambient look for your home. You can play it safe with white marble applications. For example, you can have one Black granite accent wall and the other a white marble wall. Or, simply, the other three walls can be painted white or light colors of your choice. 

10. Black Kitchen Affair

The beauty of black is that it can fit in any setting. Imagine how enthralling your kitchen would be with all black granite surfaces? You can have black backsplash, walls or floor. The surfaces would reflect a sense of sophistication making the kitchen look cleaner and well maintained. 

Madhav Marbles & Granites – Leading Suppliers Of Black Granite

At Madhav Marbles & Granites, we offer a broad range of Black granite varieties that match your taste. The looks range from Absolute Black granite, that is pitch black in color to Black Forest granite stone with white touch. Hence, whether you love the minimalist decor or the bold ones, we have premium quality options to bring your most desired decors into reality. 

For any kind of queries relating to natural stones, feel free to contact us!

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