White Dunes Marble Stone

White Dunes is a beautiful white marble with a subtle and soft appearance. Its surface features an amalgamation of grey and mild blue streaks all stretched in straight lines across the creamy white background. White is a colour that brings in peace and calm, and with all this when you combine it with light and white colours, it makes space look bigger and brighter. For a classy and stylish look, this white marble can be incorporated with darker shades such as deep blue, black, or grey. With a serene and graceful impression, this Indian marble is a popular and preferable choice of surface material among builders, architects and designers. It can be utilized for multiple purposes especially indoors, such as flooring, accent walls, kitchen islands, staircases, fireplace surrounds, bathroom tiles, showpieces, and a lot more. Whereas when used outdoors, this stone acts as a decorative element and perfect stone for landscaping, sculptures, monuments, etc. You can buy this marble in the finest quality from Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd., available in the form of blocks, slabs and tiles. We have stones in both polished and unpolished form. Enquire today for further details.




To ensure protective packaging for our slabs, thin plastic sheets are placed between every slab so as to protect them from scratches and other damages. Gangsaw and cutter slabs are packed in well fumigated wooden trays before dispatching.