Countertops provide you with the perfect opportunity to show your personality when designing your kitchen. When it comes to choosing granite for kitchen countertops, different colors can say a lot about you and your taste when paired with the correct kitchen color scheme. If you’re considering granite countertops for your next kitchen renovation, choosing the right color of granite for kitchen countertops can be a bit difficult. To see the most popular options in granite countertop colors, take a look at our blog post showing you what to consider before making a final decision!

Top Colors For Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are an integral part of any kitchen and can be a beautiful and functional design element. The type of countertop you choose will impact the look and function of your kitchen. It can also influence how much time you spend in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up after. Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials and offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Here, we’ve compiled four of the most trending colours of granite for kitchen countertops that will be perfect for your home and your style.


A color that has been trending for years, brown is one of the most popular choices for a trendy color of granite for kitchen countertops design. This hue is perfect to provide your space a contemporary and warm feel. Its amazing durability and weather resistance is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior and is widely used as kitchen island countertops and kitchen countertops, along with floorings, wall claddings, etc. We have a distinctive range of this color category, to name a few such as Ivory Brown, Paradiso Bash, and Indian Aurora.

Paradiso Bash Granite Tiles and Slabs


White is a timeless color that comes with various advantages of its own. The peaceful light shade can provide a bright and luxurious feel to any indoor or outdoor space regardless of where and how it is used. Granites such as River White, Andromeda white, Thunder White, Meera White, etc. are some highly recommended and demanded natural stones that are both colors neutral and suitable for any space and style. Being a natural stone, granite is water-resistant, stainless, and low maintenance making it an ideal choice as granite for kitchen countertops. Hence extensively used as kitchen backsplashes and central island. 

River White Granite


Black is a color that cannot be ignored; it is bold and dramatic. When used with flair, it can lend a look of sensuous sophistication to any space. It brings in luxury, comfort along with elegance and blends well with every style, from rustic and industrial finishes to minimalist designs and homey looks. We have an extensive range of black granites such as Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Bianco Tiffone, and the Black Forest that are versatile, warm, and easy to maintain, which is why many people use them as granite for kitchen countertops as well as floorings, wall claddings, and backsplashes.

Black Forest Granite Stone


Valued for the beauty of its patterns, blue granite doesn’t disappoint. Blue granite presents a variety of colored designs due to its minerals being arranged in different ways that create a uniform or swirling pattern; such a color range allows blue granite to complement any decorating style whether it be contemporary or farmhouse style kitchens.  Granites such as Bross Blue and Blue pearl are durable Indian granite with some wonderful attractive properties like very low porosity, high compressive strength, stain resistance, frost-free, and so on.

Blue Pearl Granite Stone Tiles and Slabs


More than just the color of leaves and grass, green granite is an ideal choice for any space looking to bring nature indoors. This distinctive stone typically features brown and gray undertones, vibrant hues, and unique patterns that bring a cheerful design element to any kitchen. A natural stone like this pairs nicely with crisp white cabinets (Schränke) and shiny hardware for a breezy contemporary look.

Green granite also looks fantastic with wooden cabinetry that has softer hues or even some cooler tones to contrast its warm shade. Kuppam Green and Hassan Green are a few shades of green granite for kitchen countertops. Preferred by renovation (Renovierung) experts and designers, green granites are widely used as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and floorings.

Kuppam Green Granite

Choose Best Colors Of Granite For Kitchen Countertops From Madhav Marbles and Granite Ltd

Countertops are something you see every single day. They are an integral part of your kitchen. You use your kitchen to cook, clean, eat, socialize, and relax. Your kitchen is an extension of you. Choosing the right color for your kitchen, especially when you’re picking granite countertops (Arbeitsplatte), can be a daunting task. It’s very easy to get confused by the wide variety of granite colors. 

Make the right choice by picking the best granite countertop for your space. We at Madhav Marbles & Granite Ltd avail a huge variety of premium, delightful granites and other natural stone surfaces available in slabs and tiles of different sizes and thicknesses in an even larger palette of alluring colors. So when are you selecting your color choice?   

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