Green Onyx Stone

Green Onyx is a crystalline marble with primary green colour and a rich pattern. It consists of intense ivory and golden ripples, arranged in a nebular structure, giving the stone a beautiful flow and movements. This gracious pattern seems like a pond when some pebble is tossed in it. With its jewel-like appearance and unique translucency, this stone is widely used by builders, architects and interior designers to build surfaces with a dramatic look. Having its application in both indoors and outdoors, this natural stone is preferred to build tabletops, stylish bar tops, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, fountains, sculptures, decorative pieces, etc. This stone’s feature is that it imparts a high-end and luxurious look to any space where installed. Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd. is one of the top natural stone suppliers in the global market and provides Green Onyx in slabs, tiles and different sizes, dimensions and finishes. Explore more of our products and contact us for the enquiry!




To ensure protective packaging for our slabs, thin plastic sheets are placed between every slab so as to protect them from scratches and other damages. Gangsaw and cutter slabs are packed in well fumigated wooden trays before dispatching.