Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are alluring, reliable and flexible, with many color choice and styles. Artist and engineers look upon the lightness, toughness and supremacy of fine granite for years. For kitchen counters, these tiles are less costly and easier to install than granite slabs. Madhav Marbles is the leading large scale and retail seller of premium quality Granite tile and flooring. Our top selling granite tiles are include Absolute Black Granite, Amazon Green, Astoriaa, Baltic Brown, Bengal Black, Bianco Tifone, Black Forest, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Coffee Brown, Colonial Cream, Colonial White, Colonial Gold, Emerald Pearl, Gibli, Imperial Gold, Ivory Brown, Kashmir Cream, Copper Red, Lady Dream, Meera White, Milky White, Mint Green, Mist Black, Moon White, Multi Colour, New Rose Wood, Paradiso Bash, Paradiso Classico, Regal Black, Coral White, River White, Sapphire Blue, Steel Grey, Tan Brown, Typhoon Green, Viscount White, Vizag Blue, Vyara Gold and many more.

We can process Granite Tiles in various dimension & thickness which are listed below.

  • 305 x 305 x 10 mm
  • 610 x 305 x10 mm
  • 600 x 400 x 10 mm
  • 400 x 400 x 10 mm
  • 457 x 457 x 12 mm
  • 600 x 600 x 12 mm
  • 305 x FL x 15 mm
  • 400 x FL x 15 mm

Huge deposition of Granite can be found in Northern India. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form such a hard substance with toughness of diamond. The diplomatic and physical location of the plant ensures nearness to the basic matter, power to procure good quality raw material has always been one of the prime focus of the company.

 Our Capacity

We have an annual installed capacity of 6,00,000 square meters consisting of 6 Gaspari Ganagsaws, 2 Breton Polishing lines, Maema Flaming machine and Resin Line for Slabs. 6 Pedrini BlockCutters, 2 Pedrini Polishing Lines, Pedrini Resin Line for Tiles.


Our Products

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