Forest White Exotic Stone

 Forest White is a marble stone with astonishing beauty. It consists of a creamy white background with greyish brown streaks and veins spread in more of a wavy fashion and also has dark grey spots along with these waves. This pattern gives the stone an exclusive and outstanding look and elevates the appearance of any place where installed. Owing to its graceful pattern and characteristics this marble is a popular choice among architects and designers for building stylish and high-end projects. Along with its visual appeal, this natural stone is highly durable, long-lasting and could resist immense pressure. All these properties make Forest White marble perfect material for use as countertops, staircases, flooring, accent walls, fireplaces, sculptures, fountains, decoratives, and many more applications. You can avail of this marble in premium quality from Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural stones and process stones in the form of slabs, tiles and blocks.




To ensure protective packaging for our slabs, thin plastic sheets are placed between every slab so as to protect them from scratches and other damages. Gangsaw and cutter slabs are packed in well fumigated wooden trays before dispatching.