Aviva White Granite Stone

A natural stone with a subtle look, Aviva White has a white color background with grey and black color spots spread all over the stone. It consists of beige color splashes that add a different hue to this monochromatic tone. With this minimal design pattern and white shade, it makes any space appear bigger and brighter. This color palette makes Aviva White an appropriate stone for multiple usage especially indoors as a kitchen island, backsplashes, tabletop, windowsills, staircases, flooring, bath vanities, etc. Due to its high durability, stain and weather resistance, low water absorption level and high compressive strength, it is a suitable stone for outdoors too. For example as sculptures, monuments, pillars, fountains, and could be used to create beautiful designs and carved structures. This granite is available in the form of blocks, slabs and tiles of various thicknesses, dimensions, and finishes. Madhav Marble & Granite Ltd. is a leading supplier and processor of Indian granites and provides products at competitive prices.




To ensure protective packaging for our slabs, thin plastic sheets are placed between every slab so as to protect them from scratches and other damages. Gangsaw and cutter slabs are packed in well fumigated wooden trays before dispatching.