In any industry, it is either you go big or go home and that’s the same policy we use in interior decor. Large format tiles(Großformatige Fliesen) have long been considered only for commercial projects. Yet, over the years residential projects have been using them. But what exactly are large tiles? You cannot determine the size of a tile through your naked eyes, rather they come in various sizes. 

A large tile is 15 inches in size and above. They are available in different shapes from rectangle, square to even circle. They are a good option for minimalists because they make other elements stand out. Also if you want your aesthetics to pop then large format tiles such as granite stone tiles(Granitsteinfliesen) are the best way to go. 

However, you shouldn’t mix different patterns of large tiles. It’s all about uniformity and consistency. 

Advantages Of Large Format Tiles

If you are planning on using large granite tiles in your project then be sure it will change the overall look. Also, it has profound benefits not only in terms of style but also the functionality. Luckily, Madhav Marble is a well-known natural stone supplier who specializes in them. Here is a look at some advantages of using large format tiles.

1. Visibility

Using large tiles for your project will make the stone stand out. It is way easier to see and feel the patterns and colours of the tiles which can make a statement. 

For instance, Steel Grey is a cool granite stone tile that can add sophistication and luxury to your space. Using these large format tiles will make the light specks stand out in front of others and is more visible against the grey background. 

Large format tiles

2. Modern approach

If you are more inclined to a modern style then large format tiles will help you achieve that. This is because they have a clean yet sleek finish. This modern finish when accompanied by digital printing makes space look more appropriate.

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Kashmir cream is a granite stone tile that can fit in any contemporary style. The beige colour of this stone will pull the focus of the other elements in the space. But for a more profound effect, you can use natural stone for the flooring and wall cladding.  

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3. Creates space

The best things come in smaller packages but when it comes to making space feel bigger then large format tiles are best to use. The expansiveness of the tiles will give the illusion that the space is larger. They can work for both flooring and the wall cladding purpose. 

You can implement the beauty of the Black Galaxy large granite tiles(großeGranitfliesen) into a small room. You can opt for a monochromatic or bold colour scheme with other elements to make them pop. 

4. Creates a layout for different tile sizes

The best space to use large format tiles is in small bathrooms. The trick is to use the right colour and also mix them up with small tiles. The idea is to use the small ones in the shower area and the large tiles in the rest of the bathroom. 

White is a good colour for this space and project. Imperial White Granite in the bathroom is a good choice. The white background will give it a crisp clean look yet the greyish and pink streaks will add a touch of luxury. You can use the large format tiles on the wall cladding, flooring and small granite tiles in the shower. You can contact top granite suppliers (Granitlieferanten) to help you achieve this look. 

4. Fewer grout lines

The best thing about large tiles is that there are fewer grout lines in the space. This is because the tiles will have a uniform look giving the space a crisp finish. If you use tiles for both the flooring and interior walls it will have a wallpaper effect. 

Colombo Granite stone tiles come in three colours, beige, black and grey which blends well. Large-format tiles will give a continuous optical illusion of the three colours appearing like valleys and peaks. However, you will need natural stone suppliers(Natursteinlieferanten) to balance the look of tiles during installation. 

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Madhav Marbles & Granites (MMGL) – Get Custom Size Large Format Tiles

MMGL is one of the leading natural stone suppliers in the US and Europe. With state-of-the-art technology and modern quarries, we offer custom-size large format tiles of any thickness. 

Each tile that we supply for a particular project is marked by precision and accuracy in terms of its size, thickness, finish, and edge. 

If you are looking to install large granite tiles for your upcoming project, get in touch with us today for seamless service and superior products! 

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